Bayer person is always included in the communication

Bayer Material Science were
success in social participation by making the tools easier to use, prove the
value of these tools in trial projects, use reverse mentoring programs for
senior management, training professionals and disseminating knowledge of new tools
and social methods within companies to showcase their usefulness.


IBM Connections use by Bayer
Material Science help users to access blogs, wikis, forums to discuss ideas
with others and check what is happening around the company and access social
data and networks. A year after the launch of the new collaboration tools,
Management has set of targets in activities for social development and use KPIs
that measure success. They have set targets in Global collaboration, networks
between regions and sectors.

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The efforts that they made are
indicating their success, and 50% of employees are using company social network
which has result of increased efficiency and low cost of operations.


Carlo’s were heavily papers-based,
and which led to errors, which results in remaking cakes or offer refunds to
the customer. Orders were written on papers and workers couldn’t read it. Using
Social Networking tool, Carlo sets up Salesforce CRM. Some employees and Carlo
management members initially boycott the new system. After demonstrating the
benefits of social tools by the company, Bakers and workers have changed their
way of working.


In New Jersey Carlos have a 75,000
square-foot commissary, which works around the clock. Carlo’s is using the de
facto standard for internal communication from order to delivery. If a key cake
decorator is away, that person is always included in the communication and
discussion process. In return, decorators can see the color, shape or design


Carlo employees are now more
socially engaged, the errors have dropped by more than 30%, enabling teams to
produce cakes and other personalized products faster and more efficiently.
Managers have access to dashboards for data and analytics, enabling them to
instantly view the performance of popular stores and products. They can gain
insight into sales and trading patterns. People could order online cakes from
Carlo’s bake shop and get it from any of the 10 locations in New Jersey, New
York and Las Vegas.

As Carlo grows across the
country and around the globe, the ability to connect people and see order flow
is crucial. Social business tools turn and increasingly heavy organization into
an efficient digital enterprise.