Be an entrepreneur – Grab the opportunity….

In today’s emerging world of technology, we all use
technology as tool to achieve our specific targets it may be in any industry or
field. So shall we use it as an opportunity, opportunity to earn and may be to
make a carrier out of it?

From past many years, technology is widely used in the field
of clinical research too. As We all know, Patients are the key factors in
clinical trials. Till date Doctors were the prime resource for patient’s enrollment
however, now internet and social media has become a preferred way to avail it. Patients
generally prefer to gather information from their doctor, but now a day’s
internet is playing a key role in terms of online search and online
advertisement. It is observed that nearly 50% of patients getting enrolled in
clinical trials had found about it online. GOOGLE has become a major resource
of information. The reason behind this attitude of patients is because most of
the time patients were not informed about clinical trials by their doctors.

In this scenario, why not avail this opportunity of using
online platform for patient’s enrollment in clinical trials which has huge
potential. So If you are a part of this industry, and know various aspects of
clinical trial it becomes all the more easy to start. Now people are showing
more concern about their own health. If someone is ill, will search online, for
own illness and solutions available to it and not for clinical trials. So let
us take that as a start point. We should create an platform where patients can will
avail an information about diseases, it’s symptoms and cure in very easy language
they can understand. Translation services can also be used in country like India,
where people have multiple diversity, and that should not be a barrier for
using this platform. This can be used as entry level for clinical trial. patients
while searching for illness, if come across the clinical trial of the same,
will be surely interested to go for it.

There is no proven methodology for this venture, however, one
has to understand the need and carve own path to walk and reach the target.

So ….take a baby steps at a time and wish you all a success to
be an entrepreneur.

Writer: Bindu Malkan