be everything with the order of Allah

be broken asunder. The Holy Prophet (SAW) has
explained the same thing in a tradition: “There is no obedience to any of His
creatures in what involves disobedience to the Creator”i

Obedience to the Prophet and those in Authority:

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God orders the Muslims to obey the Prophet (PHUB), as the
Qur’an resolute:ii

                      ” He who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah; but
those who turn away – We
have not sent you over them as a guardian.” iii 

So, the above ayah clearly mentions that in the obedience of the
commands of Prophet (peace be
upon him) is the
obedience to the commands of Allah and a true Muslim should be completely
compliance with the verdicts and orders of the messenger as the prophet himself
does everything with the order of Allah as is mentioned in the ayah,

             “Nor does he speak from his own inclination, It is not but a revelation revealed.”iv   

 The next code for the Muslims
in the Qur’an is to
recognize the authority of those in charge for regulating their affairs and Muslims
are obliged to pay allegiance to them

Qur’an Say: “O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the
Messenger and those in authority among you.v

this verse used the word ‘ulil-amr which connotes an inclusive meaning in
itself, as it includes all those individuals who are entrusted for regulating
any of the matter related to the people. And it is the duty of the people to obey them and to maintain accord
and tranquility with them but, this obedience is only functional if they fulfill
these conditions: they
should be from among the Muslims and they are dutiful to Allah and His If we analyze the authority is vested on the
prophet by the Divine decree, and once the prophet finishes his duty to spread
the message, the prophet concludes his life mission. Afterwards the Muslim society should be
regulated by some incharge, and was to be named as the delegate of the prophet,
as the Caliph was made by the consensus of the people. But this viceregency should be abided by some
rules, as it is summarized by M.M Sharif:

The commencement of
Caliphate can be summed up in the following terms:

(a) All the powers that man possesses in this world
are in fact not his own, but have been endowed to him by God Almighty. The Lord Himself has
assign­ed to man the position in which he may exercise these delegated powers
within the limits prescribed by Him. Man is thus not an independent master but a vicegerent of the real Sovereign.

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