Because purely religious figure”, but a political exile.’

of this China ‘voiced strong dissatisfaction’ after it came to light some U.S
government officials met with their political foe.  

National People’s Congress Foreign Affairs Committee felt as though the meeting
‘went against the U.S commitment’ that Tibet is Chinese territory. The U.S
meeting with the Dalai Lama gave them the impression that they support the
Dalai Lama’s advocacy for Tibetan Independence and China does not approve of
interaction between the West and the Dalai Lama as it is as a betrayal and an
interference in China’s internal affairs. Which breaches the ‘basic norms of
international relations’.

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view their occupation of Tibet as a peaceful liberation in which they state in
the article ‘1 million serfs were liberated in 1959 when the feudal serfdom was
abolished through democratic reform’. 
China see their actions as having a positive impact on Tibet, as they
believe Tibet ‘is now in the best period of development, featuring a prosperous
economy, a stable society, religious harmony and unity among all ethnic

article notes that the NPC’s statement states that ‘the 14th Dalai
Lama was “not a purely religious figure”, but a political exile.’ This doesn’t
diminish the Dalai Lama’s religious standing. However, it does put negative
connotations on his reputation as a political figure and as a person.  The article goes on to say that the Dalai
Lama has ‘engaged in separatist activities and activities that damage national
unity’. The western world connects peace, love and unity with the Dalai Lama,
and this statement paints a negative image of the Dalai Lama as a hateful man
who is trying to destroy the peace and unity of a country that China saved.

continue to perpetuate their agenda by condemning any country who affiliates
themselves with the Dalai Lama as they state in the article that, ‘The Chinese
government and people strongly oppose an country’s permission for the Dalai
Lama to visit,’ this creates  an
impression that other countries are doing something that is wrong and harmful
to ‘China’s sovereignty and unity’.

article mentions that the ‘Dalai Lama has violated China’s constitution and
laws’. This comment criminalises the Dalai Lama and makes him seem less than a
good religious man. It in fact makes him appear to be a man who shows disregard
of the laws of the land.

Xinhua, continues to push
this propaganda by writing ‘Some U.S Lawmakers ignore the facts that the Dalai
Lama has violated China’s constitutions and law, and support his separatist
activities’. This statement shines a bad light on both the U.S and the Dalai
Lama because the statement makes it seem as if the U.S is consorting with a
domestic terrorist who threatens to destroy their unified lands which would be
contemptuous behaviour on the part of a western government.

‘The NPC strongly urged
U.S lawmakers to take China’s concerns seriously,’ this makes China seem like
the victim of a possible coup and it looks as though they are pleading with the
U.S for support. They continue to propagate this idea by stating that the U.S
should ‘stop supporting Dalai clique’s separatist activities’.

China’s plea for support
continues when they ‘urged U.S Lawmakers to do more conducive to strengthening
friendship and maintaining the stable development of China-U.S Relations’. This
makes it seem like China want to work towards a productive relationship with
the U.S despite the U.S having relations with the exiled, political criminal.