Become Successful Management Accounting Professionals Accounting Essay

1.0 Abstraction

2.0 Introduction

The last two decennaries have seen the re-evaluation of direction accounting functions in footings of developing new engineerings and systems every bit good as alterations in the function of Management Accountant ( Scapens R. W.

, 1990 ) .This has led to a significant grade of research involvement in the altering map of Management Accounting and function of direction accounting in concern. Since Johnson & A ; Kaplan ( 1987 ) alerted to accounting community, about the loss of relevancy of direction accounting to direction and other information users, there has been an ample of research traveling on concentrating on the alterations to direction accounting systems, techniques and patterns and in bend the accomplishments required for direction comptroller to get by with altering aspects of demands. Some Recommended solutions to the issue of relevancy included advanced costing and information models like activity based costing, balanced scorecard, cardinal public presentation indexs, economic value added and benchmarking ( Khalid, 2000 ) .The factors such as globalisation, accounting frauds and promotion in information engineering have caused drastic alterations to the manner concerns are being run ( Scapens, Ezzamel, Burns, Baldvinsdottir, & A ; Norreklit, 2009 ) ( Jarvenpaa, 2007 ) .

As accounting systems were developed because of complex interactions between concern and external environment, direction accounting as a function participant in concern environment is non unaffected by the drivers of alteration. As such, the function of the Management Accountant needs to germinate, so as to be able to aline themselves and run into the challenges of today ‘s dynamic concern environment. Hence, the intent of this study is to analyze the altering function of Management Accountant and discourse methods for edifices up the necessary competences for guarantee success. This study shall be divided into the undermentioned subdivisions:Changing Role of the Management Accounting ProfessionalSkills and Knowledge that are Critical to the Success of a Management Accounting professionalAssessment of Group Members ‘ Skills and KnowledgePlan for Acquiring/Strengthening the Critical Skills and Knowledge


0 Changing Role of the Management Accounting Professional

“ The word picture of direction comptroller in taking border of companies have gone from ‘bean counter ‘ and ‘corporate bull ‘ on the fringe of concern determination devising to ‘business spouse ‘ or ‘valued team member ‘ at the really centre of strategic activity ” ( Paulsson, 2012 ) .Harmonizing to Granlund & A ; Lukka ( 1998 ) , development of direction accounting can be conceptually divided into 3 dimensions. First dimension is about inventions in direction accounting. This includes strategic direction accounting, activity based costing, strategic cost direction, life rhythm costing, rival accounting, client profitableness analysis, economic value added direction, non-financial steps, balanced scorecards. Execution of these techniques can heighten the concern orientation of accounting maps ( Friedman & A ; Lyne, 1997 ) .The 2nd dimension is about more effectual information systems like databases, informations warehouse, ERP Systems and consolidation bundles.

By implementing modern fiscal and control systems and package, everyday activities could be accomplished efficaciously and databases can be handled rapidly and efficaciously on existent clip footing.The 3rd dimension is the human dimension, which sees direction accounting either as a map or as a individual person.There has been a cultural passage in the function of Management Accountant from figure crunching and overall operation of accounting systems to increasing concern orientation. The decentalisation of direction comptrollers as concern accountants, into a concern unit has been one indispensable tendency in this function development ( Mattsson 1987 ) .The cause and consequence like alterations go oning around the concern, the affect in the Management Accountant ‘s function and the competences required are all closely related and can be best described utilizing THE ONION MODEL.The outer bed of ONION MODEL is the challenges or the alterations in concern. The challenges affect the function of Management Accountant which forms the 2nd bed. This necessitates the competences for Managerial, which forms the following bed.

These competences in bend cause alterations in the personal director types in Management accounting which lies in the following bed.


Concentrating on the outer bed of onion theoretical account, there are many drivers that have brought about the major challenges and alterations in the function of Management Accountant. On the environmental degree, these includes Business internationalisation and globalisation, knowledge based economic system, information engineering, increasing competition and so on. On the organisational degree, the causes includes more discriminated merchandise and services for consumers, broader range answerability demand, altering work forms and attitudes, nucleus competences, accent on client and supplier relationships, retrenchment, outsourcing, level organisational construction and squad work.

All these alterations in concern environment has affected on how organisations operate trade and are managed. So this indirectly affects the maps and undertakings of Management Accountant, who has traditionally provided information which facilitates or supports effectual and efficient operations and direction. Some of these alterations straight affect Management Accountant like rapid development in information engineering have made direction comptroller as good users able to avail with immense sum of information like information warehouses and so users expect them to supply more sophisticated and utile information utilizing the information available. More over in this IT coevals most of the accounting plants are done by computerized plans and package, therefore propagating the function of comptroller from bean numbering to computerized accounting systems go forthing them more clip to analyse and construe.The constitution of planetary markets, concentrating on client and improved quality of merchandise and services, production engineerings, all these have led to an intense degree of competition between the organisations. This requires direction to hold measurings and public presentation indexs on these factors and direction comptroller being transformed to information specializer demand to supply these and concentrate on nonfinancial information every bit good in determination devising ( Binnersley, 1997 ) .So Management Accountant needs to concentrate more on adding value and acquiring integrated into organisation.

Changes in the Management Accounting Function

Harmonizing to Birkett ( 1989 ) “ The intent of direction comptroller was to supply speedy and accurate information to direction, enabling them to take necessary action ” ( p 16 ) .A survey by ASCPA concluded that “ the direction accounting map was value adding in scheme preparation, control and alteration ” ( Barbera, 1996b ) .This shows the alteration in concern environment and accounting doctrines, every bit good as in Management Accountant ‘s functions.

Some extra information observed while comparing two surveies areManagement Accountant ‘s users, client or clients more loosely include applied scientists, operations, selling, HR, cross functional squads and cellular work squads.Role of Management Accountants has expanded to supply adept advice, leading in prosecuting statistical and analytical techniques and design and the direction of information systems, public presentation measuring systems, supplying information, being analysts, advisers and translators and directors of complexness ( Barbera, 1996b ) .The consequences of surveies in US and UK have about mirroring findings. The IMA survey found that the Management Accountants spent more clip as an internal advisers or concern analysts who works with transverse functional squads and are actively involved in determination devising and work near with clients to acquire right information for accurate determination devising ( Russell, Siegel, & A ; Kulesza, 1999 ) .With these alterations go oning in the direction accounting map requires new competences, accomplishments and knowledge base to vie and prolong.


0 Skills and Knowledge that are Critical to the Success of a Management Accounting Professional

There has been an intensive argument sing the managing cognition and competences required in concern direction during last few old ages. Tight competition and new organisational patterns requires exceeding demands of accomplishments both in footings of qualitative and quantitative. Social accomplishments are deriving demand, giving importance to measuring the state of affairs from a personal competences point of position. The competences required for an comptroller are besides altering to run into the altering functional functions of direction comptroller.

Competences and personality are indispensable for work function composing. Within certain bounds, endowments which are possible abilities can be developed into accomplishments. So accomplishments are more variable than endowments. Some accomplishments require natural endowment and some can be developed through instruction, preparation and experience.

It could be noted that personality and endowments and accomplishments are stable over certain period of clip but factual cognition are more often capable of alteration. This in bend can be projected that the organisational functions of an person and a group can be changed more easy and are the least portion of the person ( Mintzberg, 1994 ) .So the new undertaking requires a new function of features.Essential competences in most service sector profession like accounting are non proficient and cognition based but societal interaction and communicating based.

Many surveies have been made to place the accomplishments set required for a successful Management Accountant. For illustration, the undertaking force study of the Institute of hired comptrollers in Australia, vision 2020, has found that now an accountant demand to hold both Renaissance man and specializer cognition ( ICAA, 1998 ) . It is argued by AICPA vision 2011 that CPA ‘s are going more market oriented than ordinance, concentrating more on value added services than traditional accounting serves ( AICPA, 2012 ) .The nucleus competences required for a Management Accountant as identified by them areCommunicationss and leadingStrategic and critical thoughtFocus on client, client and marketInterpretation of meeting informationTechnological.Since strategic direction has been prioritized as a cognition base for future comptrollers, another survey of CIMA members reveals that of the top 10 rated accomplishments for 2005, four stood out as pre-eminent:A· Analytical/interpretiveA· IT/system cognitionA· Broad concern cognitionA· Integrating fiscal and non-financial information ( Burns & A ; Yazdifar, 2001 ) .A survey of Chief Financial Officers ( CFO ) by Institute of Chartered Accountants prioritized accomplishments like strategic direction, accounting and finance ( including cognition and environmental direction ) , people direction and information engineering ( Simister, Roest, & A ; Sheldon, 1998 ) .Another study of CFO ‘s in Australia in 2000 conducted by CPA Australia concluded that softer accomplishments of direction, people direction and cognition direction are really much indispensable than the traditional accomplishments such as cost and undertaking Management, concern rating and revenue enhancement accomplishments ( Nash, 2000 ) .A survey by CIMA UK states that the indispensable accomplishments are unwritten and written communicating accomplishments, clip direction accomplishments that are more valued by ( Hassall, Joyce, Montano, & A ; Anes, 1999 ) .

So we have distilled 5 cardinal accomplishments that today ‘s Management Accountants demands are:Solid cognition of both fiscal and managerial accounting which leads to effectual determination devising.Analytic accomplishments and Problem Solving.Knowledge of how a concern functions/Business Strategy.Ability to work on a team/People Management/Interpersonal Skills.Oral, listening and written communicating accomplishment.

Knowledge of FA and MA:

It is indispensable for Managements to maintain themselves abreast of the latest practices/trends in Financial Accounting ( FA ) and Management Accounting ( MA ) . Harmonizing to a study conducted by Burns, Hopper and Yazdifar ( 2004 ) , it highlighted the following cardinal direction accounting tools and techniques which direction comptrollers need to be knowing in:Beginning: Burns, Hopper & A ; Yazdifar ( 2004, p 6 ) .

The cognition will give them the border and necessary ability to pull off the concern environment of today and the hereafter. It will assist to do effectual and valid determinations.

By non making so, the function of direction comptroller will be irrelevant ( Flamholtz, 1992 ) .

Analytic accomplishments:

Management Accountants in the current concern universe are needed more for their first-class analytical and job resolution accomplishments. This may be attributed in a big portion to ‘highly incorporate ERP systems which produce standardized studies holding about taken over the function of assemblage and sum uping information and the Management Accounting Professional now passing more clip on analysing and construing the information ( Siegel & A ; Sorensen, 1999 ) , as he critically analyses the facts, makes sense of the Numberss in the standardised studies and recommends feasible solutions, than on the readying of the standardised studies. One more ground for this may be that job – work outing utilizing dispersed sheets gets more and more of import ( Ahadiat, 2008 ) .

Management Accountant cardinal function is to understand and foretell the influences of each move on concern public presentation ( Lee & A ; Colbert, 1997 ) so analytical accomplishments plays a cardinal map.

Knowledge of how a concern functions/Business Scheme:

Management Accountants are required to have on several chapeaus at the same time – they needs to be a strategic forward – mind who can take the full organisation into consideration when doing determinations and is good able to do sense of the Numberss and set them in position ( Burns & A ; Yazdifar, 2001 ) . Adding to this, they are required to associate their inward position of the organisation to the external factors such as clients and rivals which form his external position. This makes the concern Strategic skills really of import for Management Accountants.

Ability to work on a team/People Management/Interpersonal Skills:

Interpersonal accomplishments are become really of import in this new consultative function.

Bing an integrated member in procedure – oriented squads, relationship and trust – edifice is really important. MA needs to be capable of showing information in an format apprehensible even if the other members of the squad are non – experts. It adds value if the Management Accounting Professional has a confident yet friendly manner and good interpersonal accomplishments as is required for him to pull off people and able to listen efficaciously to others ( Burns, J ; Baldvinsdottir, G, 2007 ) .

Therefore, Management Accountants must develop interpersonal accomplishments which are required to be an effectual portion of the squad during the originative process.A

Oral, listening and written communicating accomplishment:

These yearss Management Accountants are required to carry through many non – accounting undertakings which for the most portion include consulting, strategic planning. This requires them to pass a significant sum of clip in meetings and over phone and work with people of different occupation maps and civilizations. Hence, direction comptrollers require good communicating accomplishments – both unwritten and written ( Burns & A ; Yazdifar, 2001 ) . Harmonizing to Stovall & A ; Stovall ( 2009 ) , good communicating accomplishments give them the abilities to convey accounting information intelligibly to non-accounting people.In 1989 CEO ‘s of large eight Accounting Firms ( premerger ) authored a publication named Positions on Education: Capabilities for success in the Accounting Profession in which a major part dealt with communicating accomplishments including unwritten, written and listening which they considered as an indispensable for a successful Management Accountant ( Kathleen, Schmidt, & A ; Madison, 1990 ) .

5.0 Assessment of Group Members ‘ Skills and Knowledge

SANTOSHIJIMNAHUSHANAnilKnowledge of FA & A ; MA3. Skills4. Scheme3. Skills / People Management4.04.04.04.

0Communication Skills3.

# on a graduated table of 1 to 5, where 1 is hapless and 5 is first-class

6.0 Plan for Acquiring/Strengthening the Critical Skills and Knowledge

There are many ways to better these accomplishments. A joint treatment have been made among group members and planned to better in these countries.

Knowledge of FA and MA:

Take up professional development classs by taking accounting organic structures:

Take up professional development classs like CIMA ( CIMA, 2012 ) by taking accounting organic structures to supply up-to-date cognition in FA and MA. Involve in short seminars organized by CPA in Singapore for accounting professionals to cognize the latest patterns in FA and MA ( CPA Australia, 2012 ) .

Entree to online resources:

The Internet has opened up chances for MA professionals to increase their cognition through online published articles, forums, pictures and many more. One advanced manner by CIMA is presenting a chat line via the cyberspace for MA professionals to discourse or do questions ( CIMA, 2012 ) .

Analytic accomplishments and Problem Solving:

Actively engage in reading books and make opposite point of position of narratives and statement. Prosecute ourselves in researching statements on both sides of any subject picked.Study more mathematics, concretion, algebra and other mathematical topics based on logic and analysis. By work outing more mathematical job analytical accomplishments can be improved.

Solving mystifiers, Sudoku and encephalon teasers in magazines, newspaper and on webs.Prosecuting MBA or MPA plan which focus more on Analysis.

Knowledge of how a concern functions/Business Scheme:

During the station alumnus class all the squad member have enrolled for the topic called scheme and Leadership and people in organisation that ‘s gives a broader thought on concern schemes and how the concern maps. The assignments are so good designed it gives a inactive thought on how schemes can be followed in concern and different theoretical accounts used.

Ability to work on a team/People Management/Interpersonal Skills:

Bing prosecuting the station alumnus degree class we are being exposed to many ways to better interpersonal accomplishments within ourselves. The group assignments, analyzing in multicultural environment, group treatment and tutorial activities during the class have a great range to better the accomplishments. Apart from the class all group members would be making research in cyberspace and tips to better it ( The Important Interpersonal Skills to an Entreprenuer, 2011 ) .

Oral, listening and written communicating accomplishment:

Be involved in activities that helps better communicating accomplishments

Participating in nine activities may assist in bettering communicating accomplishments as one will necessitate to interact with other people in treatments, presentations or meetings. Joining the Toastmasters Club is a good illustration as it even offers developing for their members to develop their communications accomplishments ( Toastmaster Club of Singapore, 2012 ) . Furthermore, they are besides given chances in Sessionss to pattern what they have learnt.

Learning from people who are good communicators

One great manner is to larn from those who have good communicating accomplishments. It can be done either by one-to-one coaching where there is person to train you or watching pictures of good communicators.

7.0 Decision

As reconnoitred by the assorted observations and notations made in this study, the function of the Management Accountant has undergone a clear passage over the last three decennaries in footings of the accomplishments and competences required by one who is successful. Several factors falling under the wide classs of Environmental, Organizational & A ; Cultural alterations have led the manner to this complex yet expected alteration taking the manner to build uping the Management Accounting Professional with non merely a strong cognition in Financial and Managerial accounting but adding to it with strategic, analytical, communicating and interpersonal accomplishments. The present twenty-four hours successful Management Accounting Professional is a wholly reinvented version of the one from pasts, have oning several chapeaus at the same time and with assuredness which enables them to prehend the chances which would otherwise be directed towards the freshly emerging competition – the Professional Specialists. The determination to alter is at the door and non for longaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦..

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