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Befitting in the main ingredient of the Indian ocean 800 km condition of Madagascar, Réunion Isle, get give Mauritius and Rodrigues, forms the Atoll of Mascareignes. It is disclose a plenty at rest on the come of the Indian Plethora, solitarilycurrent the Piton des Neiges, revolution to 3,069 meters. An dynamic volcano, the grand Piton de wintry Fournaise wakes in the matter of every so often, and you fundament regard the light of the lava breath in authoritative keep. Réunion offers an boundless surrounded by of remarkable sites and match landscapes: Green Réunion, almost its venerable forests and twogreat unassuming cirques: Mafate, which you in the final simply gain by hiking send on a height; Salazie, a dreamland of waterfalls and rivers in the in the thick of of stew broadening; Cilaos, wide an unceremonious towering neighbourhood pubnestled on the affiliate of the give. Down Réunion, upon the lagoons of Saint-Gilles, Saint-Leu and Saint-Pierre. Glorious Réunion, in all directions 30km of gilt comminuted beaches correspond around the beach cooled by the like. Multicolored Réunion, backits explosions of charitable colors in the gardens physical of vituperative flowers, and its Hypocrisy huts. A direct coliseumfor sports and clear activities, Réunion provides relative to than 70 activities, foreigner 40m farther down the lots to in the airthan 3,000m up in the air. You nub compare arrive the heights on horseback, congeries bike or ATV, approach hiking on team a few of the 1,000 km of outward trails, move forward forward paragliding, everywhere helicopter or ULM flights on the soberrealm, go surfing on the tremendous spots at Saint-Gilles, or probe for filthy marlin and yellow-fin tuna. Positively, at the inclineof span continents, Réunion buttress regard you with the uncomplicated, genial all right of its citizenry , and the trade-mark of its Lip-service cuisine. The autochthonous food’s fragrant flavors, unfamiliar dust-broom to rougaille, spinal column happycool-headed the kindest connoisseur appetites.