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Behruz Safarov              Safarov 1ESL 53BJelena Savina Argumentative Essay December 3, 2017Marijuana in California  Use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legal in California for more than 20 years, but experts say the new law in the recreational use of marijuana could incite more adolescents to believe that drug is safe. Further, youth will have easier access to the drugs in recreational cannabis shops. There are serious objections today that drug use is detrimental to society. Therefore, marijuana as a drug has its own effects and American government should understand that accepting marijuana for recreational use will lead to issues with health, economic, social and political life.  However, some believe that if California State approves Proposition 64 for recreational use of marijuana as a light drug to substitute using other heavy drugs, for instance, alcohol or cocaine. For the reason that this kind of drugs is causing more addicted and harmful than marijuana.  Furthermore, marijuana industry will bring huge income to California State.   According to Los Angeles Times official website, “Month before California allows the sale of marijuana for recreational use, the California Department of Public Health has created a website to educate Californians about the drug and its impacts, including how to purchase and safely store cannabis.” For the reason that marijuana smoke consists of about 60 chemicals named cannabinoids. The best-known of these is THC, which also leads to trouble; for instance, thinking and remembering, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite, fast heart rate and Safarov 2slowed coordination. Also, marijuana can effect to a human brain. The brain of heavy marijuana smokers has exposed changes in blood flow to parts of the brain involved in memory and attention. Smoking of marijuana also has moral damage such as depression or suicidal thoughts in teens; therefore, they should not sell marijuana for recreational use. As Nate Bradley, a legislative advocate for the California Cannabis Industry Association said,”This is about making money, and in all honesty, an adult-use permit is a golden ticket.” Therefore, accepting marijuana for recreational use can impact people economic life. Since smoking marijuana causes addiction, smokers will spend all their money to buy marijuana and when they will not have the opportunity to purchase they will sell their property. In addition, using cannabis will harm smokers health and they will spend money on medicine and treatment. Each year United States government spends 8.7 billion dollars enforcing marijuana. That amount of money could fund over 1.5 million grants for college students.  The use of marijuana can lead to social problems; for instance, any task in the workplace requires concentration and memory, but as we know these qualities are lost in a person under the influence of marijuana. If California State accepts Proposition 64, the smoke and smell of marijuana containing harmful toxins will be everywhere and it will not be pleasant and harm the health of non-smokers and children. Based on Drug & Alcohol Dependence journal published in May 2015, “Background The liberalization of marijuana laws has led to concerns that such changes will increase “drugged driving” and crash-related mortality.” Accordingly, recreational use of marijuana can lead to car accidents, robberies, and suicides.  Safarov 3 If California State legalizes marijuana today, cannabis would be seen as a product to be marketed and sold just as is tobacco. People in the marijuana industry would wear suits, work in offices, donate to the club for growth and work with the tobacco industry against clean air restrictions. The plant would be grown on big corporate farms. Understanding of adolescents about drugs will change they will think that its safe.  In conclusion, I think that the US government should know that the adoption of marijuana for a recreational application will have its consequences in the future. So legislators must invest and direct all their attention to the development of sports and education for youth since youth is the future.