Being of the body as it transmits

Being sad something we all have experienced in our life. With
time we learn to deal with our sadness and in sometime it vanishes completely.

But depression is something, which is completely different. It is in fact a
medical condition.

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Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, which
is treatable through psychotherapy or by using natural supplements for
depression or anxiety. Affecting about 340 million people worldwide, this
illness is prevalent in any age group or sex. But depression is more common in
women than men or teenagers.


Core Symptoms

More commonly women are affected with depression. Around 25%
of women while 10% of men are affected. Symptoms of depression include loss of
interest in pleasurable things, sullen mood, hopelessness, tiredness, inability
to concentrate, change in sleeping patterns and food appetite.


If you feel that you can


Natural Remedies or Supplements to Treat Depression

B-Complex Vitamins

One of the common causes for mild
depression is imbalance of brain neurotransmitters. This affects the natural
mood of the body as it transmits signals between brain cells. B Vitamins like
folic acid, vitamins B3 and B6 can help in increasing the overall efficiency
and act as a anti-depressant for your body.


Fish Oil

Women often come up short of omega-3 fatty
acids, which is mostly found in the water fish. Intake of fish oil can be
helpful in maintaining a healthy mind. Taking around 1000-2000mg doses of fish-oil
supplements can help in addressing mild depression. Also, fish oil is an
excellent source of providing essential fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA),
which is found in nerve and brain tissue.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is primarily consumed for
maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Since this source promotes calcium
absorption by the body Vitamin D can also help in fighting against depression. A
survey conducted in Norway confirmed that men and women having Vitamin D
supplements had less symptoms of depression as compared to those who had
Vitamin D deficiency.




Herbal tea for anxiety

Be it anxiety or just stress from daily
life, just a sip of herbal tea can provide you so much comfort and relief. So choose
from various herbal teas that are available like peppermint, green tea or lemon
balm tea and see what suits your best. Some tea like hops are predominately
used as sedatives so make sure you are well aware of the ingredients and their


A well-balanced diet and regular exercise

Apart from taking extra supplements, do
take the matters into your own hands. Start in small 15-20 minutes of light
exercise, including breathing practices, cardio and stretching. This regulates
the oxygen supply to your body. Also, make sure you start on improving your
eating habits. You can additional include some mineral and antioxidant
supplement of vitamins for having a balanced and a nutritional diet.


Many of these supplements have been medically
used and consumed since centuries. Many mood boosters have been used since
ages, as can help a person get relief from mental sadness. People



Talk to Your Doctor

Natural supplements do promise to treat depression, yet they
aren’t a 100% reliable and sure shot answer to your situation. If in case, you
are experiencing severe depression, take a few more step to consult a doctor.

With proper psychotherapy and other ways this can be easily cured. Your doctor
will guide you and make a treatment plan which will work according to your