Being in the correct uniform Essay

“Being in the correct uniform”Time in time through it has been said that first appearances say it all. However, the clear definition of this “all” I speak of may not be presented clearly to the masses.

Within each career where an order or some distinguished esteem is held there is some particular guideline which must be held. The particular field I’m speaking of is the Army. Based on the regulations in the AR670-1 the army has specific guidelines on dress in an effort to maintain uniformity among it members. Before making reference to specific uniform requirements in the army let me explain to you the definition of a “uniform”. According to Wikipedia, a uniform means a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization’s activity. Uniforms are worn by students, persons in the army, Police force, fire department personnel, and even some workplaces require their staff members to wear uniform for example Wal-Mart. Uniforms are usually an integral part of work culture because of several reasons: industry demands, it gives a feeling of equality, mutual growth and a sense of belonging.

The army has very specific and detailed requirements of dress from head gear to foot wear also. having reviewed the AR 670-1 in particular chapter 14, I understand the fault with my PT uniform on the morning of August 19th. According to AR 670-1 chapter 14 a soldier must wear calf length or ankle length plain white socks with no logos etc. On the other hand does this simply imply that I’m a terrible or bad soldier because I made a mistake and didn’t wear the right socks one time? I would like to think not.

However I do understand that as a member of the military the reason for wearing the uniform correctly is because it not only represents the military but it represents who I am as a person, my team members, my unit, and my command . This is because a single soldier can have a major impact on the other soldiers around him. With positive motivation and attitude; soldiers learn that together as one with the “team”, we can accomplish all things. This togetherness wouldn’t come complete mentally and verbally without the proper attire aka clothing to complement such act.

From the smallest missions such as taking out the trash to the Larger missions such as deployment and privileges. We’re all considered a part of something bigger known as a “team” or I dare use the term loosely, “family”. I sit-back sometimes and couldn’t imagine what I’d do without such outstanding leadership that has my back through all situations and has my best interest at heart, and an LT that Loves his soldiers so much that he wants us to bask in the moments he remembers there just as much as he does so we give up our time to stay after hours to be by his side. Fox FSC 2-30 is an establishment I’m proud to say is worth working and wearing the correct PT uniform for.