Bend It Like Beckham Essay

Bend it like Beckham In the movie Bend It like Beckham, the main character has to choose between following her family’s traditions and following her dreams of playing football professionally. Jess is an Indian girl torn between her Indian family’s traditions and her love for playing football, and English sport. Because of her family’s traditions and her parents love for her, Jess is banned by her parent from playing football. Her mother does not want Jess to play football because she believes an Indian girl should stay home, learn how to cook, and worry about marrying an Indian boy. What family would want a daughter-in-law who can run around kicking a football all day, but can’t make round chapattis? ’Her mother asks.

While her father wants her to play, but does not want her to follow the same path he had to go through. Despite her parents banning her from playing football, Jess joins a women’s professional football team. She begins sneaking around and lying to her parents in order to play for the team. Her father figured out she was sneaking out and went to see her play.At first he is slightly reluctant, but soon accepts the fact of Jess playing football. As soon as everything starts to fall into place, Jess has another conflict to deal with. She starts falling in love with her coach, Joe, who is Irish.

In the Indian culture, you cannot marry an African American, White, or Muslim person. She is not allowed to be in a relationship with Joe because of that rule. In the way of her dream to become a professional football player, her sister, Pinky, Is getting married.Almost everything revolves around Pinky’s Wedding. The day of Jess’ big football game is the same day as Pinky’s wedding. Jess isn’t able to make the big game and becomes depressed. Towards the end of the wedding ceremony, her father gives her permission to go play in the big game. Jess plays in the big game and wins.

Her parents then allows her to go to America to play football professionally. She also ends up in a relationship with Joe. In the end Jess’ dreams are fulfilled and she is happy.