Benefits of Computer Essay

Without computers, there would be no Internet. Computers and the internet helped create a global community where it is possible to instantly communicate with anyone around the globe. You aren’t just stuck being exposed to only those in your own community or country. Various online knowledge sources including online encyclopias, open vast amounts of information to people all over the world. This can even aid someone doing anything from a simple homework assignment, to a complex research paper.

In the home, you can pay your bills online, without having to write a check or placing the bill in a postage envelope. No chance of the patment getting lost in the mail, and no need to worry about being assessed a late charge – as the bill has been paid and confirmed. People now listen to music, get up to the minute live news reports, play games, watch movies, and even watch television shows they might have missed. You can buy products online, that may not be available in your local shops.

Computer chips are used in many many things, including the portable cel-phone. And the internet led to Twitter, which was used recently by Iranians keeping communication and coordination active against an oppressive regime. In the business world, computers are used in every operation, function and activity of an organization. This had led to improved productivity, greater collaboration, major improvements to information management.

Computers help scientists calculate things faster and learn more about the world and universe. In addition, this helps things get invented, like a video game system. Computers are used heavily to improve accuracy, flexibility of planning, and speed in Engineering work. Civil Engineering – Autocad and WaterCad. Mining engineering – Surface Deformation Prediction Software. Mechanical engineering – SolidCad. Electrical Engineering – electric cycle programs.