Benefits of Recycling Essay

Almost all countries today, there is a growing concern for recycling. “Recycling” is a word that we often hear when it comes to preserving environment. That is an obvious benefit but not the only one brought from recycling. In order to know more about the reasons why recycling is essential and effects of it on our lives, this issue will be discussed in this essay clearly. When new products are manufactured from original materials, the amount of energy consumed is much higher.

Besides, using the raw material obtained from recycled products saves a lot of energy which is consumed for production. For instance, the energy it takes to make a new can is equivalent to that which makes 20 cans from recycled materials. In addition, by reducing the energy spent on industrial production, it also minimizes the amount of fuel emitting harmful gases to the environment which is the main cause of global warming. Therefore, recycling not only save energy but also preserve the environment. We know that recycling is the process that uses old products to make new products.

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As a result, it can help effectively in saving natural resources and a lot of expenses as well. Moreover, landfills will run out soon because of being filled up with wasted unless recycling process is put into action immediately. It means that recycling plays a role in solving the matter of space for waste disposal. In conclusion, recycling is the effective way to protect our living environment, but, from my point of view, our awareness to this issue and the effort to spread this words out to the community is the best way to maintain and promote that useful “tool”.