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Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Milk-street in Boston Massachusetts. He was the tenth of sixteen children. However, he had several other half-siblings who were born from his father’s first wife Anne Child. Benjamin’s parents were Josiah Franklin and Abiah Franklin. When Benjamin was a kid, he learned to read at an early age. His father first wanted young Benjamin to be a preacher. So, when he was old enough he went to the Boston Latin School located near his home. Due to the fact that Josiah Franklin was a candle maker, and since he did not make much money, Ben Franklin had to drop out of the Boston Latin school at the age of ten to start working. He did so at a print shop that was run by one of his older brother James Franklin. During his time working here, Ben created his first invention: A pair of hand fins to wear while he was swimming. He learned a lot from this job but would have rather been a sailor and have taken to the sea. His father did not allow him to do so because another one of his older brothers was killed at sea. The situation was not improved by the fact that James beat and mistreated Benjamin. dUnhappy with the ill-treatment, young Franklin ran away to New York and then moved to Pennsylvania. Here Franklin opened his own print shop and used that to make money. From here Benjamin Franklin started his electricity experiments. Although he gets a large amount of credit for “discovering” electricity, it was known about earlier. Electricity was studied by countless scientists, and large capacitors (components that hold electricity) were developed more than one-hundred years beforehand. Benjamin Franklin found the correlation between lightning and electricity. Nonetheless, in May of 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducted his famous key and kite experiment. The lightning that struck the key was transferred to the ground and charged a compactor; consequently creating the first rechargeable battery (even if he was unaware of his accomplishment). Later on, Benjamin Franklin became the President of the Executive Council of Pennsylvania