Best 10 Locations to work from.

 Have you worked from home? I m referring to that “Urgent work” that we explain to our colleagues and to our own self. The kind of work where you simply do nothing and still feel it’s pressure weigh you down.

The pressure is just beyond words l if you are working in Shifts (Day-Night) and you slowly begin to envisage your life nothing short of hell. A lot of things are on your platter, and then your boss being a boss ensures to keep filling that plate so you get the real pinch of work. You are bound by your duty and you find yourself sitting for hours in the Office and working for these so called employers, accomplishing so little.

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You find yourself haunted by this dreadful feeling that every day you would be bound to replicate the same task, spending hours on your desk, and perhaps making little or no progress. No matter how many deadlines you find your slogging to complete, you have a feeling that you would always be flooded with  work and more work. So now you wonder is there a way to make your work less of a burden and actually end up being more productive at the same time. A change of environment would work wonders.  Below you will find some ideas in terms of a few places that you could consider to visit if you want your work to not feel like a routine chore that seems to drag on endlessly. These places are very good options especially for those who work as a freelancer.

 (A) Man-Made placesMan- Made places could be anything. If you are comfortable working at such places, I have listed a few places, where You could consider to work from. Coffee shop.A Good Coffee is like food for the soul.

If, you have a palate for coffee, look around for a cozy and quiet place where you can grab a good coffee and let that caffeine boost reflect on your work. Coffee shops are places where people come to have a friendly chit-chat and also indulge in some quiet time. Change in environment stimulates Creativity. So, If you writing some blog or anything that needs a flow of creativity, a good coffee shop is an excellent choice of place to work from.  Nice RestaurantFewer distractions, strangely, working from a quiet restaurant can be less distractive than working from a quiet office.

  When you are in an office surrounded by your friendly work-mates, tendency is you take several tea breaks, to catch up. You will also find yourself prone to lot of personal questions and discussions which indeed interrupt your work. Interruptions are something that need to be avoided at work as it negatively impacts productivity.  A nice quiet restaurant would help to procrastinate less and at the same time seem like a social way of spending time efficiently. Public Library- People don’t use public library more like they ought to be. In fact they are the quietest place to work, where despite being surrounded by people and you would have least amount of distractions. The ambience of the public library is soothing and you feel motivated to work as the energy of the people near you who are reading intently transfer to you.

 You also get an opportunity to come across some strangest, Quirkiest and interesting people. Libraries can prove to be a huge help to enhance your efficiency and you might be surprised as you come up with some innovative ways and ideas to finish your work. Public Park-If you don’t like the chit-chats and cemented structures then You should consider public parks. In the bliss of the greenery, without having to spend much, you would find that quiet moments that seem like a boon to you. You can sit on the grass and let the sweet chirps of birds help you achieve peace and being more productive at work. AtticNow you may wonder, Why an Attic? There can be instances where the option of some locations outside the boundaries of your home may not be feasible. For such instances, an attic is perhaps the best choice of place. You can seek refuge at the least visited part of your house, a place where the chances of anyone distracting you is close to zero.

You could also consider to Keep yourself entertained with some tasty snacks and enjoy the beauty of solitude while working. (B) Natural Places Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.This quote speaks volumes. For creativity, you need to dig deep into nature. Many well known personalities are known to take their time out and visit places which has managed to safeguard itself from commercialisation.

 Hill StationFresh air, Clean air, natural noises, soothing wind. These unspoiled places can give immense relaxation to your mind and you won’t feel bogged down by lethargy. When the mind is calm everything seems easy. Make sure you visit a hill station that is secluded to ensure you can soak in the purity and let it show in your creativity and productivity. Beach Beaches with soft sand, energetic waves, and easily accessible amenities is a sure shot to help you relax and concentrate.  Many take refugee in such beaches to change their mood, to Meditate, and at times to seek motivation. The serene and fun atmosphere at beaches is definitely going to release those creative ideas aplenty. RiverBank Sitting by the river bank one can learn many things- how to take everything along your stride and what things to leave behind.

It is not necessary that we should visit such places only to complete work, in fact one can plan visit to such locations whenever we seek clarity about life or need to stop and gain a fresh perspective to life and its various paths. Lake Side Have you noticed that water has a calming effect on your mind. You might be surprised but it’s often noted that one gets clear directions from the universe on what one seeks clarity on.

It speaks to the one who is willing to listen. JungleDoes the jungle scare you ? Face your fears, and take a trip to some forest. The thrill you experience as you sit in it’s wilderness  will give you a stimulation that perhaps will be unexplainable. It won’t be surprising if you unleash your creative genius and find your thoughts unleashed and running wild.