Bicycle Thief Essay

The action of stealing from others has become a major issue in modern societ Individuals, including myself, are constantly worried about whether their pers Onal items are being taken from them. Although one of God’s Ten Commandments clearly for bides this action, people continue to do it. Stealing is done in numerous ways and for different reasons, depending on the individual. In the movie, The Bicycle Thief, stealing plays a major role in the life of Antoni o Richie.From struggling to put food on the table for his family to the difficulty to find job, Antonio Richie demonstrates some of the difficulties one goes through during a lifetime as w ell as the solutions one may turn to. Once Antonio Richie finds a job, he immediately sales his per sonal belongings in order to buy a required item for the job, a bike. On the first day of his new j 0b he gets his bike stolen in the city, which eventually takes away the opportunity of a new life.

H e then goes to search for his bike and notices a bike on the street and attempts to steal it, bu t was stopped before he could even make it across the street.Through this film, the audienc e is able to bserve the point of view of Antonio Richie as a victim and a thief. Many peop le would say that stealing is unacceptable and others would say ifs depends on the circumstanc es.

I believe that every thief has a reason for their actions, in this case Antonio was striving to c are for the needs of his family. But from the victims’ point of view, the thief could potentially tak e away an item that could mean the world to the victim. All in all, I do not believe stealing is an acceptable action.