Big City Dreams Essay

Big City DreamsWhen you were little did you dream of living in a big city with tall buildings or did you dream of living on a farm and riding horses everyday? When I was little I would look out of my window and see trees, animals, and a beautiful open sky but I always wished I lived in a city where I would wake up and see tall buildings and be able to walk down the street and eat lunch or go shopping. Now that I have not only lived on a farm but also lived in a larger city and loved both of them very much, I wonder where I will end up, as I get older.My dad is a Methodist preacher and if you know anything about the Methodist’s then you know their preachers don’t usually stay in one place for very long. Growing up I lived in six different houses and I’ve been to five different schools, and they all were very different from each other. Most of the places I’ve lived were small towns with small schools and everybody knew everybody’s business and I loved living in small towns. But, I did live in the city for 4 years and it was very different from living in a smaller town. I loved living in a college town, and going to all the football games and I loved having so many different places to eat, but I didn’t enjoy some aspects of it.

Living in the country and living in smaller towns might have their disadvantages but they also have any advantages. When I lived in the city we lived in a subdivision and had houses all around us, which was good if you were being robbed or something but it wasn’t good when you wanted to go sit on your front porch and eat breakfast in the mornings. When you live in a smaller town you are usually out by yourself with nobody worrying about what you’re doing or what is going on in your front porch. Not only did we have much more to do in the city than we did in the country, but there were more people, different kinds of people with different lives than you, and you saw so many different ways of life and I think it helped me learn more about myself and what I believe in. Now, I live in a smaller town that I love living in, but I always find myself leaving every weekend to go back to the bigger life I once lived.

Sometimes God gives us choices and gives us so many great options in life that you just don’t know which path to take. I think that whatever plan Godhas for me in this world is much bigger than the plan I have for myself and I have to trust in him. But if his plan for me is the city life or the small town life, I think I will be fully ready for either one.