Bilingual argumentative Essay

This would give the dents the advantage in learning two different languages that will help them in the future. They should be able to learn their own native language and speak it in private but also in public, however, they should also be taught the English language whether when entering the country, school, or private tutoring. Bilingual Education should not be forced by the government; it should be their own free chose. As the immigrants become more fluent in the English language they will have a better chance getting jobs, communication, and helping their own children learn the English language.

The United States would not focus only on English Only Movement they should offer the opportunity of Bilingual Education for its citizens, but also keeping English as one of the main languages in the country. First, the United States needs not to focus on making English the only language but work more on helping the new immigrants learn the English language. The United States needs to do more to prevent the problem of immigrants in the United States having trouble getting jobs or keeping up in the classroom because they are not fluent in English.

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If the immigrants were taught the full English language coming into the country it will help the hillier in the classroom learn easier by keeping up with the teacher and also give the parents the advantage to communicate with their children’s teachers. The immigrants have a chose to choose to learn the English language freely they can still speak their own native language in wherever they want, but should be able to know the English language if they live in the United States. The United States needs to help improve the problems that the immigrants will encounter as they live in the United States and give the new immigrants an equal chance.

The United States is a country mixed with efferent native backgrounds and ethnicities; it is always undergoing assimilation of some sort. It is like a “salad bowl” where not everyone assimilates together but is mixed together. American has a common language and that is English, but American should also not force English only on immigrants or citizens, however, they should teach the new immigrants the English language and still allow them their own native languages. The United States should not single out the immigrants by now allowing them to speak their native language in public and only speak the English language.

Another reason for Bilingualism in the united States is Bilingual Education. Bilingual Education is the learning of school subjects in two languages, the “Use” and “knowing” of two different languages. The united States should have certain schools throughout the country that offer bilingual classes. The students should have the chose to learn another language or to be taught English while in the mean time they still are able to learn in the native language until the learn the full English language.

As the students learn another language they become knowledgeable in the writing, reading, peaking and comprehension of that language. Students in the fourth grade who are Spanish speaking natives have learned the English languages are studied on their knowledge of the two languages. The gathered stories from their families in Spanish and were to rewrite the story in English. The study shows that by having children become bilingual in two languages gave them better opportunities in life and broaden their skills in the classroom and in the social and cultural world.

This study supports the argument on bilingual education for immigrants and also shows the advantages one will have by coming bilingual. As they learn the English language, besides their own native language it can help them in many ways. As the students learn English in the classrooms they are not told to forget their own native languages. When students who speak a native language and have not learned the English language enter a classroom full of English speaking students will become intimidated and afraid.

The English language is a public language used throughout the country in all different areas. As the students who do not know the English language are forced into a classroom of English only are ore than likely going to fall behind the other students from not understanding completely what is being taught and said by the teacher and their own classmates. Students should have the opportunity to be in a classroom where they are taught the English language but also learning the subjects that are being taught in school.

They should have the advantage to learn the subjects in two different languages so that they will have a better understanding of the subjects. After a year or two at least the students should be ready to be placed in a normal English only classroom and be able to do ell. It must be a transition for the students as they are prepared for the transfer into a standard English classroom. Many student immigrants have made the transition for their own native language to the English language and become better assimilated with the country.

Although most student immigrants parents are fluent in their native language most approve of their children being taught another language and becoming bilingual. The parents have a role in their children’s learning another language, however it can be crucial on their children’s development of another language as they ammunition with their children in that native language in the privacy of their home. In a study most immigrant parents support bilingual education for their children and few oppose it.

They believe that their children being bilingual will give them many advantages, as helping the children in the classroom or leading their children to a high career opportunity. The children are able to speak their native language at their home, but as they speak English at home they are helping their parents also learn the language. When the children know the English language it helps them be able to communicate easier with the rest of the country. Bilingual Education and Bilingualism is not something that can affect the United States in a harmful way.

The United States is a free country allowing all immigrants from all diversities come into this country. America should require the new immigrants to learn the full English language so that they are able to communicate with the rest of the country and able to get jobs. Schools should give the immigrant students who are not fluent in English the opportunity to learn English and school subjects in their native languages in a operate classroom, until they are fluent enough to keep up with the teacher and the material they are taught in a standard English classroom.