Biology the mind functions (Lewontin, 2001). There is

Biology tells us what the brain is and how it functions mechanically and chemically. It can’t tell us how the mind functions (Lewontin, 2001). There is some animal heritage that remains in humans, mainly and the mechanical and chemical side of the body functions that have a biological connection with the mind. This can affect the human thinking thus human behavior. In this regard, I agree with the school of behaviorism in stating that same principle ruled the conduct of both animals and people. Hence, animal research is widely used for research related to humans (Hergenhahn and Henley, 2013).

A research carried out by Milgram (1963) stated that we do abbey authority figures even when we know what we are doing wrong and we are hurting other people. The study that was conducted in association with the Nuremberg trials where most of the defendants claimed they were simply flowing orders showed that authorities have a larger influence and power over individuals. In this regard, my assumptions align with the psychoanalysis school of thought which states that all men are innately evil and aggression lies within the human as part of his nature (Hergenhahn and Henley, 2013).

There is no free will since all of our actions and experiences are determined by another cause which in turn was determined by another cause (Elwes, 1955). In this area, my assumptions align with the psychoanalysis method which suggests that adult actions or character is influenced by what happened in childhood. This is called psychic determinism because this means we don’t choose our behavior, rather it is the result of our psychological make (Hergenhahn and Henley, 2013).

Our behavior is influenced by both nature and nature, and my assumption aligns with the cognitive psychologists. We learn from our family, friends, schools and in general our environment that shapes how we perceive things. We are also influenced by our inborn ability think and analyze.

Bowlby (1969) states that the link children have with their mothers are there to safeguard their existence. Bandura’s (1977) in the other hand argues that aggression is something we learn from our environment. With is his Bobo doll experiment he showed how children imitate adults and their environment.

The mind is a non-physical thing that networks with the physical body through the brain. Examples of this would be, hormones circulating throughout the body shaping thoughts and emotions, testosterone making individuals more competitive and focused and adrenaline making individuals feel anxious or energized. Psychoanalytic psychology is what aligns with this area which states that unconscious drives and experiences both mental and physical from early childhood are at the root of human behaviors. Thus, both our body and mind experiences shape our behavior (Hergenhahn and Henley, 2013).

Psychology is the scientific study of the actions of humans and nonhumans, with the focus on human behavior. Psychology focuses on how individuals think, act and interact with others. To study this behavior psychology uses questions about consciousness, actions reaction etc.