Biology Poem Essay

Water molecules move from high to low
Osmosis is what they seem to know
Solute and Solvent are what’s inside
The polarity of water makes it easy to find
“Hyper” and “Hypo” tells you how much is there
But isotonic means that they are fair
Water molecules move from the inside out
Scientists call this plasmolysis without a doubt
All of this happens inside a membrane
It is a serious matter, not a fun little game
When a membrane is selective it chooses what it wants
Few things are moved through, not lots and lots
All of this moving is called diffusion
It is the net movement of molecules, there is no confusion
There are two types of transport: passive and active
Passive needs no energy where as active is reactive
Diffusion and Osmosis are important to know
Having such knowledge will make your brain grow!

I chose osmosis and diffusion because it is relevant to what we have learned over the past couple of weeks. As the lab manual defines, diffusion is the net movement of molecules from an area where they are high in number or concentration to an area of where they are less concentrated. Diffusion is important because it makes it possible for the random movement of molecules. After the diffusion process comes along two different types of transports; one is passive and one is active.

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Passive transport means that it is a natural process of diffusion and it does not need any extra energy from a cell. Active transport is the opposite in that energy is needed from a cell. Osmosis is brought into this because it is the movement of water molecules. When observed, there are two types to a solution: solute and solvent. The solute is a dissolved substance and the solvent is when the solute is dissolved. When you have more than one solution, you compare them to see if they are hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic.

Hypotonic is when the other solution in comparison to the solution you are looking at is less solute. Hypertonic is explained as when one solution is more solute than the other. Last, isotonic is when both solutions are equal to each other. My last definition comes about from water molecules movement. When they move, they go from the inside of the cell to an outside environment; this is called plasmolysis. All of these definitions are important to molecular movement and all interact with each other in one way or another.