Biomedical science, especially in Chemistry and Biology. From


I was always interested
in science, especially in Chemistry and Biology. From my childhood, I wanted to
be a biologist. During my high school level, very often I participated in many
science fairs that based on the importance of animals for our lives as well as
for existing ecosystem in the environment. These science fairs made me more
interested in Chemistry and Biology. After completing my high school education,
I strongly decided to become a prominent Biologist. I wanted to know very
deeply about organisms that is why I took admission in the Department of
Zoology at Jahangirnagar University. This is one of the best universities in
Bangladesh for research and education in the various fields of biology from
where I have pursued my Bachelor of Science degree that provided me with the
opportunities to take multiple courses in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Human
Physiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and
Immunology and so on.

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After completing my
Bachelor degree in Zoology, I have successfully completed my Master of Science
in Zoology (Specialization: Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation
Biology) in thesis group. I studied these subjects because I had a deeper
intention to study Biomedical Technology at the higher level. I believe
Genetics and Immunology are other aspects of biology that I find out my
interest. What fascinates me most about the human body is how it is related to
biological components. I really want to explore the world of human biology and want
to discover more extraordinary species where I can apply my practical knowledge
for better understanding. I also completed many fieldwork and practical work to
complete my Bachelor degree. Another aspect is I really want to understand how
the human body functions work biologically. I studied Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology where I can realize how organisms are related to molecules. I
strongly fascinate to study Biomedical Technology and I believe, I have all the
educational qualifications that I took in my undergrad studies. With my
educational background, I strongly believe that I am the suitable candidate for
the program.

There are many reasons
why I continue to study at the University of Tampere. Firstly, the quality of
programs and courses are well-structured and unique, where students can easily
learn new things throughout the period. Secondly, all the teachers and staffs
are very helpful and cooperative. For example, in application time, I fell in
trouble and I directly sent an email to the course coordinator and the replied
was spontaneous. Thirdly, I believe that the environment would be suited for my
research. Finally, I believe that Tampere would be a perfect place for me where
I can pursue my study and make a global network with the others.

I have to improve my
academic background to the higher level in the University of Tampere. I select
the Master degree in Biomedical Technology because I perceived this was a
program that would lead me to open my career horizon. I believe that it is the
main gateway to perceive my dream, to be an active researcher in this sector. I
also believe that this course will provide me to give fundamental knowledge
about biological systems that will reflect new approaches to advance medical
and biotechnological applications. Another reason to choose this course is that
the high quality of elements for studying the program and has a well-organized
comprehensive curriculum and research environment teaching plan. I hope by
joining the program, I will learn more fundamental and practical skills
throughout the study period.

My main ambition for
the future is to establish a career in the field of Biomedical Technology
especially to work in a laboratory so that I can contribute my research in this
field, where I can solve analytical problems that are directly associated with
human health.

This year, I attended a
Biology Conference at my university hall centre to increase my understanding of
today’s biological world. There were many national and international speakers,
I was amazed by Professor M H Khan’s lecture on infertility and IVF and the
mortality behind of these. He discussed how technology can assist to reduce
this problem. Another lecture I found interesting was by professor A Z Kalam,
on cancer cells, which described what happens to cells to cause them to develop
them into tumours. I read many magazines about biological sciences which
includes articles from professors, researchers, and doctors. Actually, I
enriched my knowledge of Biotechnology and increased perception about diversity
on viruses and bacteria. I completed practical lab work on Microbiology about
nine months under my supervisor so that I would be able to apply my obtaining
biological skills in this area. Hence, I think that I have that capacity with
my excellent academic background, exceptional research qualities,
self-motivation, adherence to discovery and perseverance. These extraordinary
qualities are really key to continue a research in the field of Biomedical

The main objective of
my study at this university is involved research-based programmes and make
multiple contributions to both the public and private sectors between national
and international countries.

For the next ten years,
I have goals that I have to be fulfilled. After, completing my Master degree, I
intend to complete a PhD degree in the same field. I would like to move the
next step, want to pursue a Postdoctoral degree under a reputed university. I
believe that I would be able to make the greatest contribution to the Tampere
University and my home country.