Birth Order Influence in Success Essay

For generations physiologists had been thinking that birth order has a huge influence in our lives; It is amazing to look at the differences between children in families according to their family position. We always have known that being the oldest child, the middle child, the youngest child, or the only child it’s not the same. These aspects affect children’s personality and development; nevertheless most of the time the importance of this component is underestimate.

As stated by the article the oldest child tends to develop a self-concept of him; which includes the belief that he is better than his siblings. The oldest child is also capable, confident, and responsible. His parents have higher expectations of him than any other later children. Indeed physiologists think that the older child is the most successful one. Although the middle child thinks of himself that he can do things better than his younger siblings; in contrast to the oldest child the middle child knows that if he needs help, he can get it.

He is the most likely to succeed after the oldest child. On the other hand the youngest child is considered “the baby” most of his life; less able to do things and protected by his parents. Along with my research the studies suggest that the youngest child is the less likely to succeed. The only child tense to be closer to the adults and independent at the same time, some investigations find the only child is very similar to the middle child; but with the characteristics of the youngest child. Though his rank to succeed is in between to the middle child and the youngest child.

There are many studies which suggest that family order influences success, but success is also determined by perseverance, intelligence, circumstances, etc. In conclusion birth order is not a determinant element to succeed in any case; however it is a very important reason that defines children personalities. Our birth order does not clarify the circumstances that someone has to succeed. The fact of being the oldest or the youngest child does not mean that he or she would have a specific characteristic; it just increases the possibility of having some.