Black Hawk Down Essay

Under heavy fire, many soldiers became wounded overnight and gave buddy aid amongst one another.

Leading into the following morning, a reinforcement team of Americans, Malaysian, and Pakistani rescuers came through to save the day. Eighteen Americans had been killed, dozens wounded. 2. ) Characters: Mike Duran – pilot of one of the black hawks, Mike Duran was captured and held Hostage for ten days by Aid’s army.

I was very impressed by him because even under extreme pressure and fear, he still kept his oath to the united States of America demonstrating both leadership traits of courage and unselfishness while being a Prisoner of War.Durance loyalty to his unit and country helped many of his comrades and also helped the US gain Intel over Aid’s clan. His leadership was excellent and I wouldn’t have done anything any different. Gary Gordon – a sniper for the United States was killed trying to rescue Prisoner of War Mike Duran. Two leadership traits that Gordon demonstrated was Justice and Initiative.

Justice was demonstrated for his work ethics he used to help him strive to bring Duran home and Initiative for asking on the mission, when many others didn’t.Because of Cordon’s sacrifice of his own life and being awarded the medal of honor for it,Mike Duran was rescued and Gary Gordon surrendered his own life. 3. ) Useful Leadership: Black Hawk Down was an exceptional example Of leadership in every way possible.

It shows how, even in the military, there’s room for different leadership styles and traits. The book explained in various ways the dos and don’t of being an effective leader, how to react in situations, and how to complete missions at hand regardless of the endgame.