Blade Runner vs Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep Essay

The movie, “Blade Runner”, crucially defaces the concept of the character Rick Deckard in the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. The novel depicts Rick as a person with definitive morals, motives, and intentions as a bounty hunter. In the novel, Rick struggles to be the most sufficient and successful bounty hunter on earth, in order to earn money and make better life for him self.

The movie defaces this concept, by depicting Rick as miserable cop who only does his job because he is forced to. Throughout the novel, Rick’s enthusiasm is drained when he comes to a certain realization.He then aims for a higher meaning in life by trying to understand certain philosophies, as well as certain aspects of religion and humanity.

In the novel, Rick has a wife, but decides to have mechanical romance with the android Rachel anyway. The novel depicts Rachel as a conniving android who manipulates Rick. The movie depicts Rachel as an empathetic android whom is implanted with false memories. The movie also leaves out many significant ethics that were presented in the novel. In the book, the concept of mercerism is highly exemplified and instilled in the society’s culture.In the movie this concept does not exist, leaving out an entire theme applied in the novel.

The movie, also, does not emphasize the prominence of owning a real animal. The film merely demonstrates that fake animals do exist, but shows no significance otherwise. The most significant theme that was non-existent in the movie was the concept of war and human extinction.

The novel depicts the world as a place that was war ridden and had just suffered a major catastrophe. The film shows the world as a place that has significantly advanced technology.The novel also presents the concept of a mood dialer, which is also non-existent in the film. The novel, also, presents the concept of an empathy box as a significant theme in the every day life of the androids and human beings. The film only follows Deckard and his quest for four fugitive androids. Throughout the novel Rick is depicted as a person with genuine morals, motivations, and intentions as an android bounty hunter. In the beginning, Rick has actual goals and strives to earn a higher position in his field.

He is intensely enthusiastic and committed about finding and retiring androids.He then comes to a realization and begins to question the meaning of his duties as a bounty hunter. He dabbles and eventually submerges him self into an ongoing mission, of philosophy, religion, humanity, exploration, and romance. He struggles immensely with the concept of actually empathy and human nature. This film, “Blade Runner”, completely contradicts the character Rick Deckard, and makes them seem like two totally different characters, in terms of their personalities. The movie depicts Rick as a miserable person who does his job because he has to and goes home at the end of the day.He has no wife, no motivation, and no interest in actually killing androids. So basically, if the book was written in parallel with the movie, then Rick would be a boring one-dimensional character.

In the novel, Rick has wife, but becomes involved in a profound romantic affair with the android Rachel Rosen. This causes Rick to feel empathy for the androids, which causes him to slow down and reevaluate his actions. He decides to buy a real sheep to make him feel better, but this only causes more problems for himself. Rachel eventually helps Rick retire his last three androids, but also plans to kill Rick’s newly bought sheep.She then kills the sheep by pushing it off of the roof of Rick’s house. In the end this helps Rick realize that androids are basically all the same, and that he really does want to be a bounty hunter. In the film, Rachel is a completely different character, and this totally contradicts the novel. The film depicts Rachel an empathetic android who is implanted with false memories.

She is heart broken when she finds out that she is an android and that she only has a little time left in her life. The film also shows that Rick has no wife and becomes romantically involved with Rachel when he realizes that he is lonely.Rachel does not ever do anything malicious towards Rick nor try to kill him, leaving him with a feeling of empathy and confusion. He falls in love with Rachel, but is heart-broken when he realizes that it cannot last forever. Throughout the novel, the theme of a mood dialer is a significant concept presented in the world’s society.

At any giving time of the day, a person or and android could have to their mood set from anything ranging to happy and enthusiastic or to dramatic and sad. This concept was derived from Mercer, who is the cult-like leader of their society. He is also the creator of the religion mercerism.This was the major religion followed by the people of this age’s society. The world was war tore from world war terminus causing a radioactive dust to pollute the earth. This killed and extinct many forms of life. This plays into the theme of owning a real animal.

In the novel, owning a real animal in considered high class and lavish. The film only presents the fact that fake animals exist, but does not clarify weather or not they are worth any value. Also, the movie does not clarify that there is any specific leader or religion that must be followed. The film stays in one direction following Rick, and his quest to retire four androids.The mood dialer is also non-existent in the film, and people have natural inherited feelings. The film also shows no sign of a world war or any type of catastrophe. The film world is merely a technologically advanced form of the future.

The difference between the movie” Blade Runner” and the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” shows that Hollywood and cinema can ruin the quality of a complex and compelling story. Blade Runner contradicts an exceptional story that should have never been redone by Hollywood. Rick Deckard was already a perfectly well rounded character with balanced qualities, motivations, and morals.Blade Runner turns Rick into a one-dimensional boring character. Having a complex and motivated character is what makes a good story a great one. People want to feel motivated and inspired when they are watching an action movie not depressed and miserable. If Hollywood is going to create a sufficient remake of an already excellent novel then they should do so with attention to detail. Do not leave out important themes and morals that make the book complex and compelling.

The movies would have been immensely more interesting if they followed the themes that paralleled to those of the book.