Bless Me Ultima Essay

The number three is being constantly used throughout this book. Every time Rudolfo Anaya uses three, it is always representing different situations. In Bless Me, Ultima, the use of the mystical number three supports the magical realism embedded in the novel. Antonio is a six year old boy who has three older brothers and they all happen to have a big impact on him and he really looks up to them, especially Andrew. For example, “Andrew had said he wouldn’t enter the house of naked women until I had lost my innocence” (165). This shows that Andrew goes to Rosie’s house which confuses Antonio.

This is an important situation because it makes Antonio feel and believe that he has lost his innocence. Another example, “There was an empty feeling inside, not because they spanked me, but because they would be gone again” (69). This shows that Antonio was feeling sad that his brothers are leaving and he is upset that he might not see them again. This is because the relationship he has with his brothers is not all that close, but Antonio wants the chance to become closer to each of them. Overall, Antonio’s brothers mean a lot to him and he does not want to lose them again.

Another time that three is used in this book is when Antonio witnesses the death of three people and does not understand as to why God had to make them die and what did they do to deserve to die. He also knows that he must pray for their departing souls. For example, “Many Dewhirst 2 shots found their mark. I saw Lupito lifted off his feet and hurled backward by the bullets” (23). This shows that Antonio sees this man being shot right in front of him and is scared and shocked about it at the same time. This also shows that Antonio must say a quick prayer for the man.

A second example is right after Narciso has been shot and he tells Antonio, “Muchacho… I need confession – I am dying -” (170). This shows that Antonio wants to help Narciso and he prays the Act of Contrition for him before he dies. This also shows that Antonio is very overwhelmed by the things happening in his life and he later on dreams about talking with god and god is telling him in order for him to forgive Narciso, Antonio must forgive the evil man Tenorio. A third example, “He (Florence) dove in and got caught in the wire. We told him not to go swimming here, but he did.

We dove in and pulled him out” (242). This shows that Florence may or may not have known he was going to get trapped under water if he dove into there. This also shows that Florence did not have the greatest life growing up and he planned to get stuck under water and die. Therefore, Antonio is still trying to figure out why god made these choices for these three unfortunate people. In conclusion, the number three has been used to prove certain points in this story. It shows how relationships can be good or bad and shows that god has choices for everyone and they are not always going to be a good choice.