Blue Marlin Research Paper Essay

Blue marlins, some of the most prized catches of fishermen, are among the most gruelingly difficult fish to catch; so difficult, in fact, it usually requires a team. In The Old Man and the Sea however, the old man had nothing but a line and his own strength. Blue marlins are a very important part of the story because it shows his pride and will power to succeed even though the rest of the village might have lost faith in him. Since blue marlins are such a prized catch they can be used to display a fishermen’s skill, which may have been why this particular fish was used in the book.

Blue marlins are prized trophy fish, hard to catch, and are very important to different societies, making it a very good, yet subtle, way of showing the old fisherman’s accomplishment in an even greater way. Blue marlins, a brag worthy catch among fishermen, prove to be worthy of being trophy fish. The reason blue marlins can be trophy fish is because of their great size. Something you could note is that all trophy fish are female. They usually weigh about 540-1800 kg, with the larger ones being used as the trophies. Unknown author(s) MarineBio. org) Since they are large-game fish this means that they usually are caught with a team of fishermen, this shows Santiago’s strength and willpower in The Old Man and the Sea. The fact that most people use this as a trophy fish is another factor that led to the villagers regaining their respect of Santiago’s skill as a fisherman, which is why Hemingway would have used this particular fish rather than one of the many other fish in the sea.

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As a trophy fish the blue marlin would obviously be one of the harder fish to catch. Since the marlin is one of the harder ones to catch there is lots written by more experienced fishermen to aid the less experienced ones, and it is often suggested that you just release a marlin if you aren’t an experienced fisherman. (Wright marlinmag. com) Catching these fish is no easy task and top rate fishing poles and lines are not only used but essentially required to catch the fish.

These top rate fishing poles and lines must be able to withstand lots of tension so as not to break. This difficulty is what really brings home the idea of the Old man’s prowess as a fisherman. Not only are these mighty fish hard to catch but are arguably vital to many societies. These fish help business for small countries that get lots of revenue from tourism involving fishing for these big game fish. This help includes boat industries, lure making companies, and other fishing supplies. Unknown writer(s) Wikipedia. org) Not only does this help with manufacturing businesses but fishing industries as well. The most market for blue marlin (and other big game fish) is in Japan who uses it as a traditional course for meals, the most popular is known as sashimi. (Unknown writer(s) Wikipedia. org) The fishing market’s importance, the manufacturing industry’s importance, and the cultural importance all add to the significance of the blue marlin in a social/economical perspective.

The relevance of this seemingly insignificant fish to the story is what makes the choice of this particular fish used to portray the old man’s overcoming of his struggles so important to the story line. These many different aspects of the fish such as its strength and willpower to survive make it the perfect choice for the re-coming of a great fisherman. These characteristics of the fish such as being a prized trophy fish, difficult to catch, and having great importance to different societies show what