Bob and the Unnatural Mountain Climb

As Bob Sterling, Fred Larry, and Billy Joe arrive at the large mountain, they thought about how Bob only has 2 days to climb Mt. Diablo in the hot, Summer heat.

It was June 1 today.The unhappy height of the mountain made it a challenge, but that is what Bob liked about.At his first attempt, Bob tries to climb the steep, treacherous  mountain.

Bob sees a ledge to rest on. He misses a step and goes tumbling down the side. When Fred and Billy find Bob down on the ground, he was panting, bruised and injured. “ Wait a few days for your body to heal, forget about your goal to reach the top by June 3” Billy told Bob. Bob refused to quit and continued to try to climb the mountain.

Bob saw the top and kept climbing. A bear suddenly came crashing through the mountain brush and Bob was suddenly petrified with fear. Bob slowly tries to inch away to get back to climbing, but the bear grabs Bob and throws him toppling down the side again! Bob is in no condition to keep climbing but refuses to admit that to his friends. Fred tried to tell Bob, “You should just give up.” Bob is thinking about giving up but pushes the thought away. Bob tells his friends, with a glint in his deep blue eyes, “ We will rest today but tomorrow we all try to climb the mountain together.”While his friends sleep Bob devises a plan to climb Mt.

Diablo. Bob grabs a 3 metal hook pack he had found in his and his friend’s packs. Bob was prepared to go climb the mountain.When his friends woke up, Bob was ready, but his friends try to stall the climb.

“I want to have some breakfast.” Fred stated. “Yeah and I have to use the bathroom.” Billy added. “ FIne,” Bob replied, “ But make it quick. Also, Fred, that might not be a good idea to before before the climb.” Bob added. When they started the climb they had to go back down because Fred got a stomach ache from eating breakfast then climbing a mountain, “ I told you not to have a breakfast.

” When they reached the ground, “ I’m really sorry Bob you only have 18 hours left to climb the mountain. Lets just go home and play some video games.” Fred offered. “ No.” Bob stated angrily.

“ I refuse to just give up. Me and Billy will reach the top, and you can go home”When Bob and Billy start up the mountain they can see the dust trail of a car on the California horizon.Bob needed more time, or another day.“ Let’s keep on going to reach that next ledge to rest for a few minutes.” Bob says.“ All right.

” Billy said, hungry.Whenever they reached the ledge Bob told Billy the plan. “ We use this hook I created so we can climb up and down half the mountain in case we get injured of fall down while we are connected to the rope.” Bob told Billy.“ Did you test it?” Billy asked, looking wearily at the chain.“ No.“ Bob admitted. ‘ But it will work.

”“Alright,”Billy said, with a frightened look in his brown eyes.“It’ll be alright,” Bob said, tussling Billy’s dark black hair.They continued to climb up the mountain when it started it get steep the real challenge started. There was no ledges for another 2 hours and the climb itself was had taken up 4 hours. Bob and BIlly, kept on speeding and climbing up the mountain12 hours left. Bob thought. It was about 12:00 PM.

Bob had hoped that they would reach it before 8:00 so they could go home but they had to rest.The time came 3:00 PM too late only a few hours until dark.Billy was making  bacon and eggs.

“Do you want to end up like Fred?” Bob said.“Well I am probably going to starve if I don’t eat.” Billy replied, eating rapidly.“Fine,” Bob sighed,” I’m hungry too.”The bacon tasted good in Bob’s mouth. After they ate, they lost about an hour to the food and ‘no littering’ sign that had a camera.“We shouldn’t have taken so long eating,” Bob groaned.

He had taken an extra large portion he had barely eaten since the trip started.“Let’s go” Billy called.They started the hard climb. Bob kept expecting a random event to stop them from climbing up the mountain. The bear that through him off was nowhere to be seen.“I wonder where that bear is right now,” Bob said aloud.“What bear?” Billy asked, confused.Bob explained about he got thrown off the mountainside by the bear.

“Wow,” Billy said trying not to laugh,”That never happens to other mountain climbers.”“Ha ha,” Bob snarled, annoyed by the comment. “Let’s get a move on.”As Bob and Billy were climbing the to the next ledge to rest.Bob was starting to think they might get lucky but he had tested fate and fate was going to prove him wrong.The bear.“Oh I shouldn’t have thought that, heh.” Bob said nervously.

“For what?” Billy asked. Then he saw the big black bear.“We can go back down so we can go around the side.” Billy offered.When Bob heard that, he grabbed something random from his pack to avert the bears attention.It didn’t work. Bob thought, testing fate again.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly. The bear turned from the two climbers and went away.Bob and Billy both simultaneously sighed.

“That could have been bad.” Billy said optimistically. Which was all he said.“Yeah but we only have 3 hours until dark, and I don’t want to climb down in the dark.” Bob said, in a very non optimistic tone.“Fair enough.

” Billy admitted. Billy had a new determination, like a second wind. Bob had then realized that Billy was wincing from somehow a hit in the leg.“What’s that.

” Bob asked Billy.“I missed a step and scraped myself earlier, it’s nothing.” Billy said, still wincing.“Billy. Do you need to go home?” Bob asked.“No, I don’t need to go.

I’m fine.” Billy insisted.“Billy,” Bob asked again, sternly. “Do you need to go home.

”Billy sighs,”Yes.”“Ok,” Bob responded calmly, genuinely worried about his friend. “Go home.”“Ok.

” Billy said a twinge of happiness.”Good luck.” Then he went down the chain carefully.“Guess I’m on my own.” Bob said.

Lonely.He continued the climb up the mountain. He checked the time,  7:39 PM. Twenty-one minutes until his deadline.“Not much time left.” Bob grumbled to himself.

Then Bob looked up and saw the last ledge.“Yes I finally have reached its top.” Bob yelled at the sky.Then he remembered, “Wait what time is it?” Bob got out his watch. It read 7:59 PM.“Yes, that unlikely yet that is just how it went.” Bob said.

He decided to go back down the chain to get back home. While he was going back down the chain, he saw light, and people below him, looking at him. They had cameras and a van.“Are you Bob Sterling?” One of them asked.“Yes. Why?” Bob asked.“We are the Channel 3 News Station.

We have been told that you, a 18 year old, faced many strange odds and climbed this mountain despite the challenges and strange, very strange, events.”“Told by whom?” Bob asked“By us.” Two familiar voices said.

Bob turned and saw his two friends who helped him along a bit.Bob looked at Fred who had that perfect red hair in the dark.“My friends.

” Bob chuckled.“You’ve done it Bob.” Billy says.“No we’ve done it.” Bob says with a glint in his eyes“So how old are your friends Bob” The newsman says.

“17 and 17.” Bob answered.“There you have it folks. A 17, 17, and 18 year olds or at a young age climb a mountain by dark.” The newsman reports.“Yes, it was difficult, but never give up and you will succeed.” Bob says into the camera.The EndTheme: Never give up on yourself or your friends to accomplish your goals.Key: Red = Compound  Blue = Complex