The founder of Boden is JohnnieBoden, launching in 1991 in London United Kingdom targeting to bring very highquality, high fashioned, high valued and ethically sourced clothing to the UKmarket using the mail ordering channel. Boden initially launched its brand with8 men’s wear products and then moved on to launch women’s wear in 1992 followedby the range of Children’s wear as Mini Boden for kids in 1996. The Boden UKweb site was introduced in April 1999 and the first shop was opened in HangerLane in London in the year of 2004. Boden provides 2 methods of purchasing, onemethod is mail order catalogues and the other is through the internet (Boden,2017). 1.

1  Productsand Competitive Market Bodenstarted with men’s clothing followed by women’s clothing and children’s wear.Boden says that it’s hard to sell men’s wear clothing, therefore brand is moretargeted towards females of age groups 25 to 50 and specifically Boden callsthe “Bull Eye” the 35 year old middle aged women (BBC News, 2014). Boden’starget segment customer are more of middle and upper class income women whilstalso targeting at working women in their twenties. Boden uses fictionalcharacters like Kate and James to help the communication approaches to attractcustomers.

Furthermore as Boden says customers who value quality and withfashion sense are women aged 30+ with higher income levels and this is theBoden’s current target market segment which is identified by them. Withnew catalogue brands coming into the UK market like Littlewoods, Greatuniversal stores and Freemans, Borden faces high competition. However althoughwith high competition Boden managed to achieve during the year of 2012 an 8%growth with £265 million, and profits rose by 35% to £24 million (This isMoney, 2013). And also in the year 2014 Jonnie Boden was ranked 392ndrichest in UK by Sunday Times rich list with personal riches of over £245million. Currently Boden has nearly 800 employees working andis also perceived as a successful British clothing brand.2.0 Environmental Appraisal Analysis Environmental Analysis is a procedureused to identify all internal & external factors that can affect anorganizations performance. With new concepts coming into the market day by day theseconcepts are controlled by certain factors.

 Mainly influenced by environment factors, therefore businesses shouldanalyze the environment and market constantly (PESTLE Analysis, 2015). The below diagramgives an idea of the environmental analysis concepts in different environments.