Bogota Colombia Essay

Making bigger roads seems to solve traffic jams, but clearly it has never been the case. What creates traffic is not the number of cars but the number of trips. More infrastructure = makes it works. Solution: restrict car use. Best way to restrict car use– restrict parking. City absolutely hated itself. When he became mayor, he started investing in people– bus based public transportation system. TransMilenio (bus rapid transport system)– copied a system from a city Brazil. Erased the stigma that bus carries for the poor, and works much more like a subway on wheels than a traditional bus. Buses go on exclusive lanes.

Pay to enter station. Station doors open simultaneously. Can get lots of people in an out. No traffic jam, fluid transportation. Much more high class and reduces transportation costs/energy efficiency. Public good prevails over private interest. It’s democracy at war. This bus system helps public good and transportation possibilities. Bogota also created roads in his infrastructure that were bicycles only. Bicycle ways allowed for gain in the citizens interest. Now, people didn’t have to be ashamed of riding a bicycle because before that was a symbol of low class status because you couldn’t own a car.

But since government takes control, everyone does it. In these lanes, pedestrians and bicycles had pavements and cars had bumpy roads. Pedestrians/bicycles were given the greatest priority since they matter the most. And then some time when they get more money, they will provide better pavement infrastructure for cars. This is a true example of dedication to the minority. Shows respect for human dignity, for everyone ,not just for those who cars who think they are the important ones in developing cities. Again, this is democracy at work.