Boiler Room Quiz Essay

Dilemmas, in general, happen when conflicts arise, which the process of resolving such cause an amount of confusion towards one’s beliefs and values. In the movie Boiler Room, conflicts were apparent from the firm’s setting and from the main character himself which both led to ethical and moral dilemmas. One of those was the clear absence of social responsibility of JT Marlin to its customers as they used deception to get ahead of everyone and become stinking rich.Another one was the dilemma Seth Davis had with himself as during the progression of the movie, it showed how his morality debated on whether to go on with his new job and earn huge to win his father’s approval or to quit it to clear his conscience.

His decision to go with the former branched out into his committing of unethical actions which he later on regretted.It would be easy to say that if I were Seth Davis, I’d just leave my high-paying job at the first sign of ethical and moral dilemma I’d be having with myself. The situation however is more complicated as winning the father’s approval comes into the picture making releasing the job harder than it seems like. JT Marlin may know its business, its prospects and its tactics well, but all the unethical practices that go with it just doesn’t compensate for the integrity of a good sales person.Therefore, if I were Seth Davis, I would quit my high-paying job and use my earnings and good learnings from it to put up a brand new, squeaky clean business and be a good sales person even by myself. The act of proper social responsibility would in itself take me higher eventually as in the end, satisfied customers lead to loyalty, referrals and progress.

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