Book Choice Justification Essay

The selection process for this group of lesson plans included allowing students to show me about their favorite books. This was done to ensure student interest in the given lesson plans. I was able to then go through the books students told me about and find the best possible selection based on the lessons being taught. I chose the book “Over in the Jungle – A Rainforest’s Rhyme” by Marianne Berks. This book was chosen because of its rhyme scheme. This is important when teaching students word recognition and phonemic awareness because the rhyming scheme helps student to anticipate the word that comes next.

The repetitive nature of this book also helps struggling readers to become more successful because they can remember from page to page what was written. Struggling readers are also helped by the repetitive nature because it provides extra scaffolding to for those that are not quite ready to read words on site. These readers can memorize the rhyme instead, which helps to strengthen the ability to move towards site word recognition. Another reason that this book was chosen was because of the musical aspect.

This book is a familiar tune to many dents that has been reworked into a book. This allows students to feel more familiar with the book, thus increasing interest and comprehension. The musical aspect to the book also helps struggling readers because many times students will remember words to a song which will help them identify words as the move throughout the book. The final reason for the books selection was that bold and unusual art work. Throughout reading lessons we ask students to use context as a way to recognize words.

The pictures of the animals help students to know this book is about animals, they can also pick p through pictures that the book is about jungle animals. In closing I think this book was an excellent choice for these lesson plans because for all of the reasons listed above it captivated the audience. The students were engaged and eager learners. The struggling readers had some help through the form of rhyming and music and the more advanced readers were able to enjoy the pictures and work to sound out some of the less common animal’s names. This book ultimately was a great learning tool for all of the students in the classroom.