Book Essay

He talks about what fear means in terms of courage. To be courageous does not necessarily mean to be fearless. Aristotle goes on to explain that having fear, in some instances, can be “noble”. A very interesting note that he adds is that “For no one is better at enduring frightening things.He states that death is one of the main things that a courageous person wouldn’t be “concerned” with.

Chapter 7 of Book Ill begins to describe howa courageous person would seem to be unbothered by the worries and fears of an uncourageous person. When a person can fight through their own fears it’s a symbol of how courageous he or she can be. Opposingly, a person who doesn’t possess courage is one who can be considered rash, because they do not “endure frightening things”.

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Courage can here be described as someone who has confidence and optimism. The next chapter explains how courage should come from a place of nobility and not from an untrue place of “compulsion”. One of the examples that Aristotle lists as being a form of courage is experience. Those with experience can be considered courageous because, like Socrates states, those with technical skill are professionals and their own knowledge from experience can be what gives them he confidence to be victorious in whatever situation and face fear right on.This shows how you can have the greater advantage with courage. Chapter 9 tells of how courage does not mean inhuman, it simply mean that a man fears not. Courage is enduring pain and fear and practicing nobility. One cannot be virtuous without courage and that means doing whatever it takes to not lead a shameful life.

Courage has a lot more to do with frightening matters.