Book Review of George Silverman’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing and 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Essay

Media Strategy ; Planning George Silverman’s The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing (What drew you to the book? ) Other than office expenses and a few media buys the advertising agency that I work for runs solely on word of mouth marketing campaigns.

With more and more money being pulled away from advertising budgets our ad campaigns rely 100% on the word of mouth model. Positive or negative word-of-mouth does not matter as long as the word is out all that matters is that our product gets talked about.George Silverman’s The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing introduces how to run a successful word of mouth campaign and help consumers choose your product over the competitors.

(Give a brief “book jacket” synopsis of your chosen book that would motivate anyone in the Graduate School in Communications to make it their #1 reading choice. ) “Decision Easifcation” is a term that George Silverman uses to describe how your product can become the #1 choice for consumers. He explains how to make your product the one consumers choose by helping narrow down the decision making for them.To simplify the customers’ decisions, you have to understand the ever-changing mind­sets of your customers, you have to know exactly what will interest them, appeal to them, persuade them, and motivate them. “Your sales and market share make quantum leaps when you give cus­tomers exactly the information they need, from sources they find credible, in the form and sequence that makes them most receptive, in the most persuasive, compelling manner. ” (Silverman, 2001) George Silverman suggests that if you simplify their choices they decide on your product much faster and more often.

In what way does George Silverman’s The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing connect with your reading of 22 Immutable Laws? ) The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing connected with 22 Immutable Laws by emphasizing how brands such as FedEx and Nordstrom both share an important marketing trait which is a good story. Stories such as a lady returning a tire to Nordstroms and getting a refund without a receipt were instrumental in becoming a major brand. What made the story so interesting was that Nordstroms did not sell tires.

Stories and service combine to make word-of-mouth campaigns and brand launches successful. (In what way does George Silverman’s The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing disconnects with your reading of 22 Immutable Laws? ) When it comes to marketing budgets both 22 Immutable Laws ; The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing agree that most marketers confuse brand building with brand maintenance and that fresh, creative, and flashy will not get your brand noticed. “We live in an overcommunicated society, where each of us gets hit with hundreds of commercial messages daily.

” (Ries, pg. 4) The two books differ on how to get your brand received by the masses. George Silverman described the internet as being built only for word of mouth and was developed by scientists using the tool to share data and communicate. People interact with each other and spread messages about products every single moment of the day. 22 Immutable Laws is extra clear about this in the section called the 11 Laws of Internet Branding, “The Law of Internet Advertising” rule #6 that the Internet will be the first medium that will not be dominated by advertising because it is interactive.The user is in charge and can easily navigate past ads, block pop-ups, ; mute flash ads.

22 Immutable Laws reminds us that “Junk Mail” is the popular term for direct-mail advertising (Ries, pg. 175) George Silverman believes that interactivity is advertising. He uses Microsoft as an example of companies that completely run on word of mouth. The Heroes Happen Here campaign was a collabertation between Avalanche Comics Entertainment, Seagate, and OPTs Ideas won Best Product Launch for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

The creative work by Opts Ideas was developed for Microsoft’s February 2008 launch of its next generation infrastructure and application platform products to thousands of customers and partners worldwide, in an event the software giant called its largest enterprise launch in the company’s history. The path to the award began many months before the launch, when the Opts Ideas team hit upon a concept: rather than take the traditional approach of focusing on the features and benefits of the technology, they would turn the spotlight on the customer.The result was the integrated global campaign: Heroes Happen {Here}, a multi-tiered, multimedia effort designed to celebrate the stories of unsung heroes among software developers and IT professionals. Over the course of several months Microsoft and Opts Ideas tracked down software developers and IT professionals around the world and gathered their stories. This diverse group had one thing in common: their work quietly made a huge difference in the communities around them.

From hundreds of entries, eighty of the most compelling stories were selected for inclusion in a 180-page book titled Heroes Happen {Here} Inspired by the heroes theme, Opts Ideas enlisted the help of renowned comic creators to oversee the creation of a daily comic strip that brought these stories to life, and made the strip available online and via RSS feed. The campaign was only the beginning of a series of new products allowing users to control the development of a new products and software. Windows 7 was also designed with all customer input as well.

Published within a year of each other both books emphasize the importance of PR and generating word of mouth campaigns. Both books were able to look at the same word of mouth campaign brought fourth by Apple and have vastly different views on how successful their word of mouth was in getting the message across. According to Al and Laura Ries,“ Apple computer suffers from a lack of focus. It’s the only major personal computer company that tries to market both hardware and software, including its own operating system”. 2 Immutable has scolded Apple about their lack of focus yet the brand’s sustainability is mainatained by word of mouth.

Apple has been able to publicly overcome issues with products and move past products by being interactive with its clients. An example of how word-of-mouth marketing as a media strategy has worked would be the film the $15,000 horror movie ‘Paranormal Activity’, directed by San Diego filmmaker Oren Peli. ‘Paranormal Activity’ first gained a cult ollowing at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival and gained the attention of Steven Spielberg. The blockbuster director initially wanted to direct a big-budget remake of the film, using the original cut as a DVD extra, but instead brought the film to Paramount/DreamWorks, where it took on a new life of its own. I scoured the AAF Smartbrief chronicles in hopes of an article from the successful word-of-mouth campaign for the movie Paranormal Activity. The article’s titled “How ‘Paranormal Activity’ Hit It Big” by Andrew Hampp Published: October 12, 2009.

When we started out, we were excited and happy to let this movie exist as a great cult movie. That could’ve potentially been the road we took,” said Megan Colligan, Paramount’s co-president of marketing. “When you’re sitting down to market any movie, you have to look at the assets for the film. But in this case, the hugest asset is the film itself. ” “After midnight screenings in Los Angeles and select college towns elicited unprecedented amounts of demand at the studio and at local theaters, Ms.

Colligan and her co-president of marketing, Josh Greenstein, teamed up with Eventful, a user-generated entertainment booking site of sorts, for a campaign that goes far outside the traditional route. ” Fans across the country could demand by hitting a “Demand” button on the Eventful website, that the movie screen in their area. That, in turn, determined which markets Paramount would select for a series of midnight screenings. chieved by using a bare minimum of select TV spots featuring reaction shots from Hollywood screenings and a smattering of online and radio ads.

(Overall, how has this book most influenced you today? ) Word-of-mouth marketing has been the only type of marketing that I have worked on and it is no surprise that it is shaking things up in the marketing world. George Silverman’s (How do you anticipate it will take on meaning in the future for you) Word-of-mouth marketing is a credible media strategy. I was beginning to believe that