Borderline personality disorder: The quasi-experimental design Essay

Borderline personality disorder:The quasi-experimental designThe development of the Quasi-experimental Design has been pursued because of the fat that other natural approaches to experimental designs require much time and higher level of financial support. Understandably, there are some cases of natural science where the use of other experimental methods cannot be used.Since the development of the Quasi-experimental Design, the researchers have had some alternative choice of dealing with their problems and experiments. Likely, in the case that is being dealt with by DR.

Dawson, his experiment shall require the need of added number or respondents/ participants who would give notably fine sources of experimental results. This is where the effective utilization of the Quasi-experimental Design comes in. Understandably, the borderline personality disorder experimentation shall require a number of respondents who are supposed to be able to react on the process of experiment that should be finished.To be able to complete the said type of assignment, Dr. Dawson needs to incorporate the most effective process of experimentation to be able to gain the most effective results expected from the process. Through the Quasi-experimental design finding the right group sample would actually be an easier process.

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Considerably, the difference of the quasi-experimental design from that of the other procedures is that of its practicality in terms of pretest and posttest approaches in trying to validate the collected data from the experiments performed.Through the use of the quasi-experimental design the level of external variables that could affect the entire study is minimized and rather placed in a more stable status that would be much useful in proving the major ideas that are needed to validate the major issues that are related to the study being performed.In the case of Dr. Dawson, the use of quasi-experimental design would be much productive, as it would only take minimal time and use minimal amount of monetary support from the researchers and would likely yield more efficient result based from the pretest and posttest proceedings of the study.

Likely, the intervention approach that is also implemented through this research experimental design is more effective in bringing out the proofs that are needed to establish the major issues that are related to the study.Certainly, through the major issues that are presented in social and natural studies that are to be handled in the study of Dr. Dawson, the use of quasi=experimental design appears to the most effective process to b used in the process of understanding that his aimed study requires.Reference: QUASI-EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNS. http://linguistics.byu.

edu/faculty/henrichsenl/ResearchMethods/RM_2_09.html. (September 19, 2008)