Bots line of defense. Is the place you

Bots or machines cannot
exploit to mount dictionary attacks on TextPoints because both dynamic and
contextual requires correct context, i.e., characters, first. Identifying
characters in a Captcha image is a task beyond computer’s capability.

Technical measures like
login passwords, anti-virus are essential. However, a secure physical space is
the first and more important line of defense.

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Is the place you keep your
work environment PC sufficiently secure to anticipate burglary or access to it
while you are away? While the Security Department gives scope over the Medical
focus, it just takes seconds to take a PC, especially some compact gadgets like
a tablet or a PDA. A PC ought to be secured like some other important ownership
when you are absent.

Human dangers are not by
any means the only concern. PCs can be bargained by natural accidents (e.g.,
water, espresso) or physical injury. Ensure the physical area of your PC
assesses those dangers as well.

From Figure:13, Registration
process starts with the generation of unique ID for a user and on next step, it
prompts to select a sound signature with tolerance level, based on tolerance
level it generates an image. If the user failed to pass captcha test then a
more complex captcha will generate, after ‘n’ number of failed attempts it
blocks the user. Once the captcha is authenticated correctly then the user can
create his profile.

After creating a
profile, the user can login with same image profile that was used while
creating the profile. Based on the mouse clicks or captcha challenge, if these
mouse clicks match with database clicks then the user can log in else it asks
the user to solve the captcha again. With three failed attempts, it blocks user
to log in.