Bowling For Columbine Essay

Bowling for Columbine

Michael Moore’s Film Bowling for Columbine raises many interesting points and makes you as a active audience member think about the atrocities of what happened, it too forces you to try and understand what circumstances bring people to be so evil. I believe Moore’s thesis statement in the film “Bowling for Columbine” is that you can’t blame gun violence on a specific event. So for example videos games, Marilyn Mason and bowling are not to blame for violence in today’s society, it is people to blame, people are violent by nature. Moore uses many conflicting scenes, for example the scene of imagery of violence, bombs dropping, war and bloodshed, however as we are touched by these horrific images Moore chooses Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” to play as the background music. This conflicts us as an audience as it demonstrates the fact that humans are in fact violent human beings. The black man, Moore interviews, contradicts him, as he answers “it’s a lot lighter”. This at face value could be understood as the atmosphere is lighter in Canada compared to the States, however on a deeper level we come to realise this is said to bring up the point that Canada has a lot less diversity and not many minority groups.

This point is too seen in the stats of international stats on gun violence where Canada’s numbers are 165 whereas the United States is sitting at 11127. However this evidence could be flawed as Moore never specifies whether these statistics are specific homicides, they could be influenced by suicide. I personally liked the fact that he followed interviews with snippets of imagery; this strengthened his argument, and allowed the viewers to associate an image with his point of view. However many would watch this film and argue that his arguments are flawed as he interviews people who give him the answers he is looking for. It too appeared that many of his interviewees were prepped prior to the interview. The film addressed the issue of race, poverty and a lack of hope for people brought up in impoverished areas. However the film too explains that no of Americas cities, towns or areas are close to the worst in the world, thus indicating that the above reasons are no reasons for the youngest child shooting, columbine tragedy or the general violence that America withholds each day.