Do you ever wonder how bowls was invented?  Germany has roots in 300 A.D.

bowling was started in England in the 1100’s.  Why is bowls invented?  Why is bowling a risk?  Why is bowling different from today then long ago?  What different ways can you play bowling? Why is bowling a tournament? Why is bowling invented?  Bowling is a fun game because you are bonding with friends an family.  You can have a friendly competition.  It’s good to be an indoor game, that’s good because you go any time and don’t have to where about getting wet if it’s raining an outside.  Also,bowling is an relaxing sport because you do not have to move a lot.  Bowling is one of the most famous sport because is a non-contact sport,relaxing,bonding, and friendly competition game.Why is bowling a risk?  People can strain there  hand,wrist,arm, and shoulder.  A ball is maximum of weight 16 pounds.

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Due to,strain on an bowler back and legs they could be hurt for the half of the season.  Bowling has been identified as being the greatest risk.  Therefore,few studies examined bowling workload as an injury risk factor.Why is bowling different from today then long ago?  In Europe lawn bowling is a popular sport.  In some cities bowling balls are rolled down a wooden plank.  The bowling committee lacked rules and equipment standards.

 The American Bowling Congress set down rules.  They also made an automatic pin-setting machine.What different ways can you play bowling?  One way you can bowl is modern pin bowling.  Second way is a 200 bowling game.  Third way you can play bowling is lawn bowling.  Fourth way you can play bowling is modern bowling hall.

 Mixture of bowling, billiards lawn bowls.Why is bowling a tournament?  Bowling is held in each season in different locations.  The tournament helps you experience bowling and to learn more about bowling. It suits your skill level and your interest.  Due to,Thursday night USBC league help people to play in tournaments.  The United States Bowling Congress aka USBC league.

Do you ever wonder how bowling was invented now you do?  Bowling originated in ancient Egypt,but was adapted in different countries.  I learned that there was lawn bowling; it was performed in Germany.  Also,bowling is fun to play to let out your anger by pretending  pins are the person your mad at.  There are different types of bowling,10-pin,9-pin,5-pin, and table bowling.  These are things to think about the next time you go bowling.