Boys and Girls Club Research Essay

The Boys and Girls Clubs The boys and girls club have been serving children for 150 years. They have given their helping hand to millions of kids worldwide. The Boys and Girls club’s mission has always been “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. ” The Boys and Girl’s club was formed to assist underprivileged children or children who do not live in the best environment.

This organization possesses a numerous amount of goals and achievements they want for each child in the program. They provide a safe and fun environment; help create skills for the future and help children build relationships with positive adults. In addition the organization reassures children that they can be successful and keeps them in an optimistic mind set for their future goals. The Boys and Girls club has such a huge history and it all goes back to 1906. This wonderful organization started from boys clubs simply coming together and becoming one.

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In Boston there was a Federate Boys Club that included about 53 members and this marked the beginning of the Boys and Girls club. Twenty-five years later, the Boys Club Federation of America changed its name to the Boys Clubs of America. Boys Clubs of America celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1956 and received a U. S. Congressional Charter. In 1990, the organization changed its name to Boys & Girls Clubs of America because they wanted to let people know that girls were a part of their club as well.

This organization made sure they pertained to both sexes and continued to do what they could to keep children coming. For example, John Collins, the first Club professional, made sure to communicate informal information that would pertain to boys to attract them into the club. Overall, the club wants to enhance the lives of youth, give them hope and help them create their own positive characters. The Boys and Girls club possess a very diverse community, which includes Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanic/Latino, Multi-racial, Asian-American and Native American.

The Caucasian group includes about 33% of the population, the African Americans are 30%, Hispanic/Latino are 23%, Multi-racial are 8% and Asian-American and Native American both include 3% of this community. In addition, the age group can vary from 5 and under to 16 and older. The age 5 and under make up 5%, 6-10 years old make up 46%, 11-12 years old make up 20%, 13-15 years old make up 19% and 16 and older make up 10% of this community. Also the sex is pretty much split down the middle with 56% being male and 44% being female.

The Boys and Girls club has a fairly large staff and many facilities as it serves 4 million children. This club possesses at least 4,000 facilities, which are growing as we speak. All staff that work in these facilities are paid professional employees. The leadership of this organization is small to none and is highly covered in every department to continuously produce great service to the young people of this club. The board of the Boys and Girls club includes; the President and CEO, James Clark, the Chairman of the Board, Emil J.

Brolick, four Chairman Emeritus, five Vice Chairman, five Chairman that cover all regions, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Ethicist, and Board of Governors. This large organization has millions and at least a billion dollars that help fund the club. It has been said that a whopping 1. 54 billion dollars are the total revenues of this organization. This nonprofit organization possesses numerous sponsors that help fund this great cause. Many corporations such as food companies, clothing and shoe companies, charities, schools and many more are the reason young people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Boys and Girls Club always makes sure to see progress in their organization and also keep track of their progress. For example, the organization possesses annual reports that show their progression and incoming revenue. In 2011, the Boys and Girls Clubs were named the number one youth organization for the 18th year in a row by The Chronicle of Philanthropy. To keep up the quality of the organization and the positive image, The Boys and Girls Clubs have professional paid employees that work hard every day to accommodate the needs of their members.

As mentioned before, the organization possesses an intelligent and professional board. The policies that are put in place for this club keep the standard of the organization at an all-time high. Policies are put in place to protect the organization and the children’s safety. For example a Boys and Girls club driver received 6 traffic violations and the club was forced to place a strict rule to ensure the safety of its youth. In the past, the U. S. senators have requested information about the organization to be aware of the policies that are in place for the organization.

The Chairman, at the time, was more than happy to grant the request. The facility of the Boys and Girls Club was neat and clean and gave off a professional impression. When you step inside the facility, it is a very welcoming place and the staff is more than happy to give you information or show you around the facility. I felt very welcomed and it made me feel uplifted to just be in the environment. In certain parts of the facility it has a classroom like structure but they also incorporate fun activities. If I were a child at the club, I would be happy to be there and enjoying myself.

I would be excited to be at the club and it would give me something to look forward to. Also, it seems like they would take any worries off of your mind because it is such an optimistic place. The staff seems like they genuinely care about their members and they value their jobs. Overall, I felt good about the Boys and Girls club. I gained more respect for the organization than I already had. The club held up to its worldwide name and was very professional. The annual reports and seeing the change in children’s lives, definitely show that they are doing what they have set out to do since day one.

They are impacting their community in a positive way and helping children reach their full potential. Because this organization is put together so well, I can definitely see myself working there. I love kids and making a difference in their lives would mean a lot to me. As a kid, I feel you should not have the world on your shoulders and the Boys and Girls club takes that off of children. In the future, becoming a board of director is not my style, but I would love to donate money to this wonderful cause. I really respect what the organization is about and I think it is shaping our society in a positive way.