Boys State Bio Essay

The dewdrops on the grass glistened in the morning light. A slight breeze rustles the branches of the trees. The green hill against the baby blue sky was a splendor: the scene was pure bliss. Amidst that perfect scene, a boy sits by the fence, his gray uniform making him protrude from the scene. He stares off into the distance, contemplating. He could, for one, run off and escape. Or he could stay and endure the pain. He feels the breeze pick up, but with it, something foreign came along with it: a paper. This draws his interest – he stands up to observe the paper.

Little did he know, this would be something that will change his life. And cut. Perhaps that would be the opening of an interesting biography. But instead it is actually the opening of a short film I directed. However, if one thinks about it carefully, this could be a scene I have experienced before – a lone individual, deciding whether to stay or move on until something comes along to change his life for better or worse. As a student filmmaker, I often bombarded with the duty of direction, the duty to lead a group to a goal.

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This goal is what I strive for, to produce and tell a story, to capture visuals not seen by the common eye. I have lived amongst computers and cameras and used them to the best of my ability to capture all that surrounds me and I think it is perhaps this love that motivates me to continue my art. It is what defines me as an individual and what allows me to successfully make decisions. Action. As the boy approaches the paper, he sees the place of its origin: it had been a page swept away from the drawing book of a girl just up the hill.

And as she approached, he takes a look at her; this was something new – a new friend perhaps? He then recalls that the fence was electrified and quickly shouts out to warn her of the danger. She looks up and realizes the barrier and stops abruptly. She musters her strength to say a soft, “thank you,” but was drowned out by the buzzing of the fence. Upon seeing the confused look on the boy’s face, she takes a paper out of her notebook and writes, folds it into a plane and throws it over. The boy picks up the plane and reads.

When the girl sees his expression of understanding, she smiles and waits for his response – this was the beginning of a new friendship. Cut. The story had begun to move along. It provides a setting, a conflict and now has set up shop for the problem to be resolved over the course of the film: a simple layout of all stories. The boy meeting a new friend and finding a pathway through her is what happens next in my life. Maybe the girl can be representative of my friends that surround and guide me through decisions and situations where I feel I am hopeless and alone.

They keep me grounded to reality, keeping me true to myself and to them. As a director, even though it is my duty to lead my crew to create the story, without my crew, I am lost. In similar terms, it the support of my friends that allow me to keep the flow of the story of my life. The bonds that we share are what define me as an individual: loyal, selfless, enthusiastic, and dependable. The story of my life obviously has not come to any conclusion yet. The camera is still rolling and I am still directing.

But with all the factors inputted, there is still room for improvement to this story. The reality of things is that even though the pressures of life descend on me, through my experience through film, I am able to take command, create a better story from the situation. The decisions I make are kept in check by my crew. And when there is any time a cut must be initiated, I consult the advice of my friends, my audience. When what goes on behind the scene is improved, my life awaits the command, “Three, two, one. ACTION! ”