Buena The schools address is 8833 Academy

Buena Park High School
The Coyotes first became a school on September 11, 1956. This was the third school introduced to Fullerton Union High School District. The first principal was Mr. Richard Spaulding. The population of the high school rose from 508 students to 2,200. The current principal is Mr. Michael Conroy. Buena Park is accredited for the next six-years. This means that graduates went through quality criteria. They are also a Digital High School. This school has a tobacco free campus. They are also a zero tolerance school. 230 credits are required to graduate.
Buena Park High School is Californias only magnet school in the area of Aviation Sciences. Their Aviation program is called SOAR, or School of Aviation Research. This program has been implemented for three years now. Cypress College also offers aviation courses at Buena Park High School for students who may receive either high school or college credit. This program is supported by airport administrators. They go on field trips to airports and museums.
Steven Segal graduated from Buena Park high school. He is their only famous alumni.
The mascot for Buena Park is the coyotes. Their colors are green and white. They have their own football field. The schools address is 8833 Academy Drive, Buena Park, CA 90621. They are in the Freeway League for athletics. This league was formed during the 1958-59 school year. BPHS is the only school to remain in the Freeway League during its entire thirty-seven year history. Today the league includes Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra, Sonora, Sunny Hills and Troy high schools.

There are a few websites for this school but all of them are not working. One is Buenapark.seniorhigh.net. Buena Park has two student publications. These are, The Paw Prints, which is made by the journalism class. There are nine issues of it throughout the duration of the school year. There is also Los Coyotes, the school yearbook. This is made during the spring and is distributed in June. Publications class makes the yearbook. The Coyote Courier is also made for students parents. This is mailed to them.

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Their Alma Mater is:
Hail to our Alma Mater,
Ever faithful we will be,
Hand in hand we proudly stand,
To pledge our loyalty,
With noble heart we will do our part,
For you we will never fail,
Buena Park we proudly sing,
Hail, All Hail!
Their Fight Song is:
Fight on Coyotes, fight, and we will win this fray.

Fight on Coyotes, fight, and we will win this game tonight.

Hail Green and White, our Alma Mater, on triumphantly.

So march right down that field and never yield,
Well fight on to victory.