Brahma off one of Brahma’s five heads

Brahma is the creator of the everything, good, bad, light, and dark. Brahma has four heads which represent Rk, Sama, Yajuh, and Atharva which are the four Vedas. Brahma, despite being the creator of the world, he has the least amount of followers and he only has two temples.Brahma, who is the creator, had one head to start with but he grew more the more he stared at his apprentice, Shatarupa. Shatarupa would change form over and over to avoid being stared at by Brahma. Some believe that this is how all the animals were formed. Shatarupa was a beautiful women who Brahma created to help him create the world. When Brahma got his fifth head Shiva cut off one of Brahma’s five heads and cursed him to not have as much followers. Since Brahma was cursed he only has two temples. Brahma was the first god out of the Hindu triumvirate. The other two gods of the Hindu triumvirate are Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. ¬†Vishnu is the protector and the preserver of the everything good in the world. Vishnu has the forms of Rama and Krishna. Rama is an Ideal man and Krishna is a cowherd prince. They call Vishnu the Protector because he balances all good and evil. Rama is an Ideal man and Krishna is a cowherd prince. Vishnu comes during the troubled times of the world to save it from any disasters. Vishnu wasn’t always a god though, he had to go through the churning of the Milky Ocean and defeat demons to become immortal. This is why Vishnu advises other gods to churn the Milky Ocean so that they can recover a lot of lost treasures. He told them to retrieve lost items so they can get the elixir of immortality and Lakshmi, the goddess of success and wealth. The gods needed these items to defeat all the demons that were trying to overrun the world. Since the gods couldn’t churn the ocean Vishnu made a deal with the demons. Vishnu said the gods will split the rewards with the demons.