Brand Analysis Essay

Its meant to gain an understanding of the product’s rent marketing plan by analyzing its unique selling proposition, promotion, price, place of distribution. This analysis also focuses on the product’s situation in the market, an understanding of the brand’s target market, and the brand’s competitors. Understanding the product will guide the decisions made in order to plan a comprehensive and effective integrated marketing communications plan in order to fully promote the product and attain its business objectives.

The product being analyzed is categorized as follows: Category: Food Class: Yogurt Company: Grouper DEANNE Division: DEANNE International Product Name: Active Yogurt Analysis Of the 4 Up’s Of Marketing: Product: Active Deanne Yogurt Active yogurt was introduced and positioned as a pro-biotic product. It is available in fourteen flavors such as Sweetened Plain, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Prunes, Peach, Apple Blackberry, Pear, Red Fruits and Cereals, Peach and Cereals, Apple, Strawberry Kiwi and Cereals, and Blueberry .

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Active is package in containers of 1 go which are sold as units of 8, 12, 16, and containers of gig which are large tubes. Active yogurt is meant to be helpful to a consumer’s digestive system and their health, but the main benefit that consumers get from using the product s that it’s a good-tasting healthy snack. Active Yogurt is used all year long for healthy active people, and it does not have a limit on consumption.