Brand one of the leading garment brands

Brand image of ready-made garments occupies an important place in marketsegment. Although brand has its own history, the entry of premium brand has createdrevolution in the market. The premium brand shirts market has players from thecorporate sector resulting massive investments during the last 5 years. This has alsoresulted in severe competition among premium brand manufacturers. Some of thepremium brands are:BRAND NAME1. Westside2.

Weekender3. The wear house4. Peter England5. Park Avenue6.

Zodiac7. Allen solelyThe above mentioned brands have resorted to massive advertising with a viewto popularize their products. As this has been a big business for advertisingcompanies, they are anxious to know the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.Westside brand shirts compete with other premium brands serialized under 2to 7 above.

There are committed band which prefers only WESTSIDE, some othersbuy WESTSIDE brand along with other premium brands, some buy only otherpremium brand. To have a good position in market the advertising agency whichConsumer Awareness and Buying Behavior towards Westside with Special Reference to Men’s and Women’sWear in Bangalore41promote WESTSIDE need to know the product preference from the customers andalso how to differentiate the product from other brand buyers. As advertising is animportant component of the marketing plan, the agencies anxiety in promoting thecompanies product is quite under stable.This study has been focused on the consumer awareness towards to Westsidemen & women’s garments and the impression the consumer have with regards toproduct, price, place and promotion.Westside is one of the leading garment brands in India. The study isundertaken to analyze consumer awareness towards Westside men ; womengarments.

The study concentrates on acceptance of Westside garments as many of itscompetitors are offering similar quality and features to satisfy customer needs andwants.3.8 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY1. To find out the reasons as to why consumers prefer WESTSIDE brand inparticular.2.

To determine the target consumers who prefer to buy WESTSIDE products3. To find out the consumer perception towards the WESTSIDE4. To understand the most effective media source of WESTSIDE brandawareness5. To determine which product of WESTSIDE is more preferred by males andfemales.

6. To find out the price range consumers prefer in WESTSIDE.Consumer Awareness and Buying Behavior towards Westside with Special Reference to Men’s and Women’sWear in Bangalore423.9 SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe study is designed to provide information regarding the consumerawareness of Westside garments as based on its attributes, availability, brands loyalty; attractiveness of advertisements in Bangalore city with special reference toWestside garments.