Brand areas including food processing, textiles, insurance,


serves their customers at any place, at any time to again customer satisfaction
and build never ending relationship.

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of brand:

 Samsung is a South Korean multinational
conglomerate and founded in 1938. Over the next three decades, the group
diversified into areas including food processing, textiles, insurance,
securities and retail. Samsung entered into electronic industry in late 1960’s.
Since 1990, Samsung has globalized its activities and electronics, particularly
mobile phones and semi-conductors has become major source of income. As of
2017, Samsung has the 6th highest global brand value.

creative strategy:

Samsung has created its
Advertisement that it provides the service at any remote place of the country.
In this advertisement their service engineers help the customers in providing
on time service by avoiding all the circumstances to reach the customers. In
this advertisement they have used blind children where they live in the remote
place. They call to the Samsung service then they respond to them. They contact
to the customer care when they have problem with the Samsung television and one
of the child from their group will be selected for national auditions. So to
view that on the television their service engineers approach on time before the
program starts.

Then the authorized
person repairs and makes it work before the program starts in TV. So the
creative strategy is make the people aware that they will respond on time and
make the customers happy.


The campaign has
promoted through Samsung website and other digital platforms, social media
channels, the video is 4 minutes which was released on December 30, 2016.


Samsung has launched a
new television and digital campaign exhibiting its initiative to take customer
service to the doorstep. In October 2016, Samsung launched 535 service vans to
ensure on time service to customers in the remote areas of India. Samsung service
network has increased service points where it (Samsung) can reach maximum areas
and making the service network the largest in India. 




Cheil India is an
advertising agency under Samsung group which offers advertising, public
relations, shopper marketing, digital marketing etc. Samsung service campaign
has a great emotional connect across the world. Samsung is the country’s most
trusted brand in the mobile and consumer goods categories has strengthened its
responsibility to provide quality service in both urban and rural areas by
automating its service network.

results and awards:

The campaign was spread
fast when it was launched on December 30, 2016 by getting twenty million
(approximate) views on YouTube in first week itself. After one and half month,
the campaign has become the highest viewed advertising video in home appliances
and smart phones category worldwide on YouTube and also across all categories
in India.

Samsung has won Special
International Advertisement Award at Prestigious Korea advertising Awards for
“We will take care of you- where ever you are” campaign.

Essence of the Campaign:

In the campaign, the
Samsung service engineer has travelled to a remote village to repair a Television,
this shows that they can go at any extent for customer satisfaction and for
long lasting relationship. The emotional part in this advertisement has
captured customers from different age groups and regions.

Why digital media:

Samsung wants its
campaign to be flexible so that it can be reached to the customers wherever they
are. The campaign is a 360 degree advertisement focusing on both above the line
(ATL) and below the line (BTL) activities. Through digital media the
Advertisement can be time saving, cost effective, user can view the
Advertisements more number of times as per their desire and the viewer’s
preferences and interests can be analyzed. Digital media is accessible to any
type of customer irrespective of demographics where the brands can easily
penetrated into the market.


Innovation driven advertisements and
emotional connect with the people.

Maintaining long lasting relationship
with their customers all over the country.

As shown in the advertisement, the
providing the service on time as the major challenge.