Break Bad Habits Essay

Habits in general come in various different forms. You can have a habit of working out, which is good, or a habit of eating too much, which is a bad. Either way habits are a part of human life. As far as bad habits go, there are many different ways to break a bad habit. One of them is called “Bad habits and your world”.

This program was created by Dr. Arthur B. Markman to break any habit that you no longer want to be apart of your life. Another one is “the five tips for kicking bad habits” by Cynthia tucker. Dr. Phil is very well known for helping people with all kinds of problems.

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He highly recommends Dr. Marksman’s technique for breaking bad habits. The first step in his method is defining the bad habit and committing to change. Nothing can be improved or changed if you don’t realize the issue and address it, denying it’s existence doesn’t help anything. After identifying, commitment is a major step, you must be fully dedicated to the change otherwise you won’t put in the work to do so. The second step is disrupting the habit, making it hard to do.

Making the habit something you deliberately do is disrupting its form of being a routine.When you do this it will cause you to Sweeney 2 recognize when you are acting upon it. Thirdly he says you should create a habit diary. This means recording when you are acting on the habit, what makes you support this habit, how are you feeling when it happens, and what makes you stop. These will help you to learn about yourself and what causes you to turn to this. Your fourth step is replacing your bad habit, finding something good to take its place.

Discover a routine that has the opposite effect of your bad habit, that makes you feel good, and gives you a positive result.Last but not least Arthur recommends you reward yourself. Encourage yourself for completing each step and overcoming your bad habit. A couple months ago a friend of mine, Kayana, had a bad habit of. She tried many remedies to find a way out of her habit, but nothing seems to be working. When she finally tried “Bad Habits and Your World” it was successful. Kayana stated “Although each step takes a process and time I could feel this method working a lot faster than the other techniques I tried.

She felt the most important, and also the hardest step was replacing your habit. “This was difficult for me because when I got nervous I instantly wanted to follow my routine of biting my nails. ” she said. Kayana decided to replace her habit with a good routine of cleaning when she became nervous.

This obviously took more energy and hard work. “Bad habits are what you would call the “easy” way out” Kayana said “so when you decided to alter your energy towards a bad habit, it’s a lot harder. ” Sweeney 3While looking around another popular method that kept popping up was “Five Tips for Kicking Bad Habits” by Cynthia Tucker. She says “By kicking bad habits, you can improve your life and have a sense of pride that you have tackled and overcome a difficult problem. ” Her method has a couple similarities to Dr.

Arthur’s, starting with the first step. Cynthia words her first step as acknowledging the problem. Her main focus with this step is not letting other people say you have a problem, but knowing and understanding yourself.

Her next step is understanding everything about your habit.A lot of people fail at changing their habit because they fail to look at the reason they are turning to this particular thing. Ask yourself questions, get to the bottom of your habit and understand the reason it became a habit in the first place. Having a plan is the next step; draw out a timeline and give yourself deadlines when you are determined to beating this. A habit in itself starts out as a plan, so in order to beat it you need an even better preparation of action. Her fourth step she informs us about getting the support you need.Recognizing the fact that you cannot do this alone is essential.

It’s important to choose people who will help you along the way, not people who will hinder the process. Her last step is knowing how to forgive yourself. We are human which is apart of making mistakes. No one is perfect; you are human and will make mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself for the slip-up, pick yourself back up and start all over again. Although each of these have similarities, they also have many differences. Dr.

Arthur wrote his steps trying to encourage people they can do it on their own.While Dr. Tucker believes you need support to be successful in kicking the habit. Another Sweeney 4 difference is Dr Arthur talks about needing something good to replace your bad habit, while Cynthia portrays getting rid of the habit without the need to create a new one.

Each technique has its own characteristics which different types of people will be able to use. Sweeney 4 A method that would work for you may not have the same results as it does for me. These processes will give you some type of result; it is all about trying it out to see what is best for you.