Breast or any breast cancer in general

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer and have different siade affects then others.

Most breast cancer prevention strategies involve some amount of behavioral changes. Your lifestyle changes the risk of developing breast cancer. By geographic areas around the world only a small part of theses differences are through genetics. Few chemicals or other carcinogen exposure have been linked to risk and the remainder of cases are therefore due to individual health and lifestyle behaviors.  When that changes over time in breast cancer have been paralleled  by great lifestyles and health behavior changes.Rates of male breast cancer or any breast cancer in general in the us vary by race and ethnicity.White, black, and hispanic men and women have the highest incidence .

asian and pacific island people have the lowest incidence. The lifetime risk is up to 95 or older but this varies by race and ethnic group. Several factors have been found to affect the breast cancer incidences and death rates among racial and ethnic groups. Anyone one could get breast cancer.Men with breast cancer are on and average 84 percent as likely as men in the general population to live 5 years beyond diagnosis. The 10 year relative survival rate for men without breast cancer is 72 percent 162.

Survival rates are averages and vary depending on each man’s diagnosis and treatment. Stage 0 100% stage 100% stage 2 91% stage 3 72% stage 4 20%.Breast cancer in men is treated the same way as breast cancer in women. Initial surgery is a treatment for men is usually modified radical mastectomy. Adjuvant therapy is given after an operation when cancer cells can no longer be seen called adjuvant therapy. Even if the cancer is removed   that can seem as the operation. The patient may be given radiation, chemo, hormone, and targeted therapy after surgery to try to kill all the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy is a process where drugs are used to treat cancer. This ia a treatment that works throughout the whole body to prevent it from the diseases