Brink of Extinction Essay

In Malaysia today the survival of wildlife have taken second place to human activity. All major wildlife species are now threatened with extinction. Does saving these endangered species and taking necessary actions for those who are on the brink of extinction means anything to you? Most of us are not aware that our Malayan Tiger, Clouded Leopard (Roy Goh 2011), Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhino, Orang-Utan and Turtles are in the under-extinction animals category.

Malaysian should be grateful for owning these animals in our tropical rainforest. However, we destroy the forest, hunt these animals and export them to other country. Without realizing it, these animals are under extinction. That’s mean, we’re almost losing them from this world. If we keep ignoring them, We might not see the Leatherback turtle in Redang island or the Malayan Tiger in the zoo, or Borneo pygmy (elephant) or even the orang utan anymore, if actions are not taken In future ,our grandchild will not able to see them in real.. r just in the documentary in National Geography channel or encyclopedia “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

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But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. ” ( Mother Teresa 2006) But another kind of wildlife is being threatened with much greater ferocity. The kind of wildlife that nature has best owed upon us, and the kind that we need to preserve. After all, this kind of wildlife forms an important role of the ecosystem that keeps planet Earth alive.Consider the following facts as stated in “savingmalaysianwildlife”(2007) 14% of Malaysia’s mammals are listed by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) as endangered * Of 30 species of turtle ever discovered, only 7 are left * The Bornean species of orangutan is highly endangered, and the Sumatran species is critically endangered, according to the IUCN Red List of mammals, and both are listed on Appendix of CITES. And while the nocturnal urban wildlife threat can be overcome with making sure you vote in the kind of government you want, the threat facing natural wildlife in Malaysia actually comes from us human beings ourselves.

Particularly, from our economic activities, that have taken action over nature. Landslides and flooding are only two of the symptoms we frequently hear about – vanishing wildlife is another as stated in “my Asylum “( 2007) Many environmental experts are pessimistic about the future of our planet, especially the wildlife extinction . Reality shows clearly to us that the number of animal living in our planet is decreasing as they are being hunted by people or dying because of losing their habitat . If we keep on hunting and destroy the environment , we will put an end to the wildlife and step one step closer to the end of the world.On the other hand, hunting also cause some animals to extinction.

It’s absolutely erroneous and shameful if the hunting is done only to satisfy vain pleasure like fur coat or a trophy hanging in the hunter’s house. In addition , it’s illegal to hunt such endangered animals for their valuable parts of body. These people don’t know what they do to satisfy their greed is to destroy the wildlife and commit crimes. The dodo bird once inhabited the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

After man introduced the pig to the island, as well as being hunted by man, the dodo became extinct around 1680.Today, the California condor is being threatened. The condor was a common inhabitant of the North American mountains in earlier days, but approximately forty condors in southern California are the last of their kind.

The tapir of South America and Southeast Asia is a rare sight, coming out only at night. The tapir is also facing extinction. It has been the history of life on this planet for some species to live, while others have died out. It happens to plants as well as to animals, because their habitats are altered by the presence of mankind.During the Pleistocene period, it is believed that around thirty per cent of the large mammals in Africa and seventy percent of North American mammals were killed by the hunters of that time. The latest estimates of damage: up to sixty-two species of mammals are gone, and at least fifty-three, perhaps ninety-four bird species have vanished. Many factors contribute to wildlife extinction, but by far the most damage comes from mankind’s clearing of the habitats of species in order to grow crops.

When plants used by animals as food becomes scarce, so go the animals.One such disaster was the Large Copper butterfly. Collectors were over zealous for specimens and caused the extinction of this butterfly in the 1840’s.

a recent study (Shreeve, Tim 1982 ) Many wild plants have natural immunities that may be used for the benefit of agriculture. If there is cross-breeding, or genetic engineering, the helpful traits of these wild plants may be transferred to cultivated plants. It is thought to help improve a plant’s photosynthesis process, help plants absorb nitrogen from the surrounding air, and change it into nutrients.If the wild plants die out, their helpful services will die with them. The main cause of extinction, mankind, may find himself becoming extinct with the availability of the plants, which they rely on for many living processes. Science is attempting to find the cause of diseases and pests in animals and crops by studying the natural communities. Ecologists are studying these communities to learn how they operate and what may be done to keep them healthy. Only history will know if the current projects were started soon enough to prevent the extinction of plants and animals, especially the species of mankind.

The Aquatic life zones are categorized as freshwater and marine. Aquatic life zones are a major natural resource and should be respected and taken care of. These biomes are the most complex and also the most threatened. At “34%” fish are the most endangered species in the world “Sustaining Biodiversity”(2005) . Freshwater life zones suffer terribly from pollution, and “runoff containing fertilizer and other wastes and industrial dumping enter into rivers, ponds, and lakes and tend to promote abnormally rapid algae growth” according to The world’s biomes( n. ), Overfishing is also ruining these biomes. Aquatic life zones support so many of the species of this planet, and they should be treated as important as they are. Aquatic Diversity Management Areas will help preserve Aquatic biodiversity because they manage and protect the biodiversity in given areas.

Another method of preservation is Marine Reserves; these reserves are spaces within the sea that fishing is banned in. Bioregional Management is a strategy for the entire ecosystem that balances conservation, and social and economic needs in order to protect biodiversity.A list of threatened and endangered species is compiled in order to alert people of the species possible extinction. These lists help protect these species.

There are many reason for the end of the Earth if all the wildlife are fall in extinction . First, the balance of the environment will be broken, this broken balance will certainly cause change in the climate . And as you see above , this change is extremely harmful to every living beings on Earth. Long ago , since the beginning of the Earth ,from the forming to the entire world, animals and plants are two most important factor that keeping our planet stable.By interacting each other , animals eat plants to survive and give manure to feed plants in contrast. Furthermore , animals intermediately help plants in pollination. Losing any of two will certainly put an end to the other species.

Today ,with the development of industry which is consider as the indispensable path in economy , people build up chemical factories and refinery . Chemical gas rising from these factory will spoil the air , further damage the o zone layer and is the main factor to make acid rain. There will be more losses of tropical rainforest thus nothing can absorb carbonic and give out oxygen.The pollution will cause the climate it self to change ,therefore some animals that can’t adapt themselves will scarcely be able to survive . As their habitats are being destroyed , the animals are also at risk . It is feared that some endangered species will be extinct, and sooner or later, human kind will take affected as well. Many people say that It’s time for the government using their power to maintain the habitats for animals and save our planet . Government must pay for research into alternative energy source like solar power , in order to minimize the chemical harm to the wildlife.

Stricter policy must be promulgated , so that people will no longer be able to hunt the animal with impunity. Joining one of the many pressure groups which work to protect the wildlife and remember that we not only protect the wildlife but also protect our lives.ReferencesRoy Goh 2011, “Veil of cloud over leopard species lifted” News Sunday Times, 23 January,p. 19 “Mother Teresa 2006” Source :http://thinkexist. com/quotation/we_ourselves_feel_that_what_we_are_doing_is_just/14310. html “savingmalaysianwildlife”(2007) citing or referencing electronic source of information, viewed 6 Feb http/2007/12/saving-malaysian-wildlife-from.

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