Bruce Almighty Compared to the Bible Essay

Bruce Almighty Vs. The Bible

Over time popular works of art, plays and films have documented many situations that portray parts of the Bible. The Bible is well portrayed in the movie Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey. Bruce’s situations are easily compared to books such as Genesis, Exodus, and Job. Also the movies has touches of religious humor through symbolic moments that are used to display Bruce’s faith towards God in the film. First, a description of the characters will help show why certain situations play out throughout the film. Bruce is a self-centered and sometimes sacrilegious jerk, but when times really get tough he is a relatable character that the audience watches developing. Grace, Bruce’s girlfriend is a kind Christian women who is constantly hurt by Bruce’s selfishness. God played by Morgan Freeman comes off visually bright and light, as well as all knowing, understanding and forgiving, truly symbolizing God. Bruce is constantly underestimating the respect of Grace and God and taking them for granted. Finally when Bruce is in the car asking for a sign which is clearly given by a truck with caution signs on it, he ignores it and luckily lives after getting hit by a car, which really got the point across as the sign. Second the symbolic moments of the film demonstrate modern day interpretations of the instances from the Bible. Certain moments are obvious like when Bruce Is walking on water or parting his tomato soup as if it were the red sea. Some other symbolisms are when Bruce goes to meet with God but does not know it yet.

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The reference to the number 7 happens several times because he has to go to the seventh floor to meet him and also Jim Carrey has a line about being “free on the 7th at 7”. The reference to the number 7 derives from the 7 days of creation in Genesis 1. Another simple symbolism is the fact that the website that Bruce puts on the computer to receive prayers is called, making a play on words off of yahoo mail. Another symbolism is when God is fixing the light in the warehouse through the ceiling and comes down from the latter as if he were coming down from heaven. An example of when Bruce is similar to Job is when he says the line “Smite me almighty smiter”, which is very similar to Job saying, “God might kill me, but I have no other hope. I am going to argue my case with him”. Bruce’s similarities to Job are close to almost say that he is vaguely based off of him. Job also questioned God and his abilities as Bruce does in the film. The way that Job and Bruce are similar the most is that they are punished for negative actions clearly and that God tries to redirect them into the light of the Lord.

The difference in the story with Bruce is that he actually gains God’s powers and sees the repercussions of negative actions, while Job stays human while being severely punished for his sins. Bruce’s lack of faith is demonstrated often and affects his life so much that he needs to change to be happy. The fact that he once used the powers to basically seduce Grace was terrible karma and came back to bite him. Grace realizes some of the more selfish characteristics of Bruce. This eventually leads her to leave him. In order to get her back he can’t use God’s powers to control her because God can’t necessarily force us to love him, because there is free will. The overall lesson is to keep a good moral and avoid being a sinner, because there will be extreme punishments eventually.