Bruce Lee Essay

Thesis Statement: To inform my audience about the heritance, productions, and departure of Bruce Lee. Introduction I. “If you truly love life, don’t waste time; because time is what life is made of. ” These words come from a man that is wise in many aspects of life. As he also lived to these very words that he spoke. II. Bruce Lee was a philosopher, film director, screenwriter, and a martial arts instructor. In his time he made a multitude of movies, but was recognized for more than that in his time. III.

I myself have been apart of martial arts since the age of five. Naturally his greatness is well known in my life as well as my family. IV. Today I’m going to talk about the heritance, the productions, and departure of Bruce Lee. Body I. Bruce Lee’s heritance began on the twenty-seventh of November nineteen-forty in San Francisco Chinatown and returned to Hong Kong shortly after. A. Lee’s mother was from one of the wealthiest and powerful clans in Hong Kong, and his father was one of the leading Cantonese opera and film actors.

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Despite his environment, Lee’s neighborhood became over-crowded, dangerous, and full of gangs because of the people fleeing from communist China. 2. Because of all the street fights Bruce was involved in, his parents decided to get him trained in martial arts. B. At the age of eighteen Bruce Lee returned to the United States. 1. He attended the University of Washington in 1961 majoring in drama. 2. He met Linda Emery, as she was a fellow student at the University of Washington, and they were married in 1964. Not too long after followed two children.

II. Thus rendered the master-minding of Bruce Lee’s productions. A. He originated his own style of martial arts called “Jeet Kune Do. ” 1. He performed a number of demonstrations in Long Beach, CA tae kwon do competitions. 2. His most famous performances were the “two-finger push-up, and the one-inch-punch. ” B. Lee’s father introduced him to more than plenty of films at an early age. 1. Lee’s first major role was him as “Kato” along side Van Williams in the television serious “Green Hornet. ” 2. By the time his third film was reached he was given complete control of film’s production. Chuck Norris makes an appearance in this film. 3. A former student, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar makes an appearance in his fourth film. * This movie production was halted when Warner Bros. offered him a star role in “Enter the Dragon. ” C. Bruce Lee was known for his physical fitness and scheme to become as strong as possible, also mentally as physically. 1. He published eight books and his philosophy reflects his fighting beliefs.

2. He used his obvious form and method of martial arts as self-expression. 3. He kept expanding aside from martial arts and philosophy into poetry. Poetry had a natural way of exposing Bruce’s emotions. III. Lee’s departure was very sudden and random. A. On the twentieth of July nineteen seventy-three, Bruce was in Hong Kong to have lunch with George Lazenby or better known then as “James Bond. ” 1. His co-producer also joined to discuss the film-making of “Game of Death. ” B. Later that night he left with colleagues to attend a dinner meeting. 1. Lee complained of a headache, around 7:30 that night he went for a nap. 2. Bruce did not return for dinner and was dead by the time he reached the hospital.

C. Lee was buried in a memorial in Seattle next to his son. 1. His son also died in the production of a movie exactly twenty years later. 2. Conclusion I. Bruce Lee had a very short lived heritance. To be one of the greatest martial artists of all time is a strong title to hold, including some of the greatest productions. Many people still think his departure was very bizarre. II. Lee is honored in this world in many places, by many people in numerous ways. So I leave you with some advice from Lee himself, “…be water my friends, be water. ”