Building Our strategy and consulting services draw a

your brand and growing your online & Offline business requires holistic

Our full-service company approach allows us to impact your bottom line
with our comprehensive services.

Strategy and Consulting

The vision and strategy that your business needs to succeed. Our
data-driven approach gives you actionable steps for reaching your business

Lacking proper business and
marketing understanding is a common issue that limits the growth of many

In today’s digital world and fiercely-competitive
markets, doing the routine work and following assumptions never works.


Business Consulting and Strategy

strategies and detailed analysis to help your business grow.

Our business consulting strategies
help your business reach its goals by researching your target audience and
identifying the market’s trends and opportunities.

How do we help?

Our strategy and consulting
services draw a research-based map with actionable steps for your business to
succeed and reach its full potential.

1- Market Analysis:

– product/service key selling

– product/service quality testing

– your competitors’ key success
and failure points

– current users feedback

– current business model inside
the firm including available resources

– historical business reports

– listing current issues and

– current and targeted positioning

– available demand or a demand to
be generated

– your targeted users and behavior
of each segment

– local and overseas focused
groups research

– available channels locally and

– costing and pricing

– HR resources capabilities and
organization effeciency

– current partners effeciency and
business model for each

2- Strategy Setting: once we have
a full understanding for your business, it’s time to set the strategic action
plan which includes:

– product/service enhancement plan

– brand strategy

– information architecture and
user experience

– business model strategy
including needed resources and re-organization

– best offline and online channels
to reach each segment based on behaviour and interests

– best marketing tools and
technologies to create and deliver the awareness

– creative content and designs to
generate rapid positive word of mouth

– right partners connection (local
and overseas) & channel maps setting

– needed after sales services for

– budgeting and return on
investment planning

– Best method for tracking
business growth and industry changes

– Development and backup plans
locally and globally


Startup Business Ideas

create business ideas that are meant to last and scale with time.

The world’s biggest businesses
were once an idea. We help your take your startup business idea into a real

Our team provides an in-depth
analysis of your available resources, local market, overseas opportunities and
the training you need to build your team.

Once we have a full vision of your
capabilities and business objectives, our team provides suitable business ideas
and narrows them down until a final decision is reached on the most promising
business idea.


Brand Strategy

A detailed
roadmap with actionable steps to take your brand from an idea to a successful

a clear brand strategy, efforts put into business modeling, operation planning
and production are simply wasted.

Brand strategies are not only created for a new business. Many well-established
businesses rebrand themselves to adapt to the rapidly changing markets.

There are so many big names in the
corporate world that have been put out of business after failing to adapt their
brand strategies to changing markets.

Our team collects and analyzes
data in order to fully understand your business and provide you with a brand
strategy that can help your business succeed and stay relevant.


Content Strategy and Copywriting

is still king. We provide your online business with content and copywriting
services that build audience, convert visitors and explain big ideas.

a world where everyone is competing for attention, good content and
well-written copy play a critical in helping your business deliver a clear
message, get more clients and maintain existing ones.

it’s a blog post, website copy or a sales email, we give your business a voice
that reaches hearts and people love to hear.


Overseas Business Connections

connections are essential for the success of an overseas business. Our
multinational team has strong business connections that can help your overseas
operations succeed.

a business overseas is often faced with limitations such as finding trusted
connections abroad, knowing where business opportunities are and guaranteeing
business legal rights.

team can help your business overcome those obstacles and grow your business
globally with ease and with as little risk as possible.  


Web and Mobile Development

and apps are the backbone of the digital presence of any business. We build custom
websites and mobile apps that increase user engagement and achieve business


Web Strategy

that your complex web projects need to succeed and achieve their intended goals.

the proper strategy, big and complex web development projects can turn into a
money-sucking black hole.

 By providing your web projects with the right
strategy you dramatically reduce your risk and increase your chances of completing
the project on time and without exceeding your budget.

Web / Mob Prototyping & Wireframing

Every great app and website start with a wireframe. We create wireframes
and prototypes that serve as the foundation for your apps.

Wireframes are the skeleton of your web app that everything else is
built on. We build well-thought wireframes for your apps to act as a foundation
for the remaining design and development process.

Website Development

turn website ideas into fully-functional websites that are built to the highest
quality standards.

web development can save your business lots of money. Developers at Go2Globe take
advantage of the best and latest tools to provide you with highly usable and
functional websites.

Mobile App Development

build iOS/Android mobile apps that are technically sound, functional and easy
to use.

apps are changing the way people do things. A business that doesn’t have a
dedicated mobile app is becoming increasingly difficult to come by. Whatever
the type of your business, a mobile app can help you connect better with your

mobile app development team will handle the entire process from the initial concept
to the launch your fully-functional mobile app.

E-Commerce Web Development

websites that take your business online and show you its true potential.

is lots of potential is e-commerce. A good e-commerce website can mean the
difference between success and failure of your online store. Go2Globe’s
e-commerce development team builds responsive e-commerce websites that help
your business achieve its goals. 

Web Apps Development

build quality, engaging web apps that are beautiful and easy to use.

apps go beyond operating systems and devices. Go2Globe’s web app development
team is committed to creating reliable, responsive web apps that help your
business reach a broad audience and deliver a flawless experience regardless of
device or operating system.

Wearable App Development

for wearables that take full advantage of this promising technology’s

are shaping the future of technology. Our expert development team is fully
aware of challenges that face wearable app development and push the limit to
deliver apps that are functional and user-friendly at the same time.

Domain and Email Hosting

provide domain and email hosting solutions that accommodate the specific needs
of your business.


Digital Marketing

marketing helps your business reach more clients and sell more products. With
so many people using the internet nowadays, digital marketing can provide
amazing results for all kinds of businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

your website to rank higher in search engine results, be found more often and
compete on a global scale.

Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get lots of traffic for an
online business. With 3.5 billion Google searches per day, the potential is
definitely there. Our SEO professionals move up the search results to be seen
and visited more often.

Local Search Engine Optimization

your local market. This type of search engine optimization is aimed
specifically at getting your business noticed in your local market.

you are looking to take on larger brands on a local level, this is the type of
SEO that’ll best serve your business needs. If local success is your goal,
focusing all the efforts to achieve that goal will provide better results, in
shorter time for less money.

National Search Engine Optimization

engine optimization that helps your business get noticed and compete on a
national level.

type of SEO works best for business that are focused on achieving national
success. If your business is focused on succeeding on a national level, this is
the most efficient SEO approach.

E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization

engine optimization tailored specifically for the unique needs of your
e-commerce website to help you reach more customers.

you run an e-commerce website and want to rank higher in search engine results,
this is the right type of SEO for your business. Our SEO experts have a
tailored approach for e-commerce websites to provide the best results in the
most efficient way.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

create search engine marketing campaigns that strengthen your online presence
and gives you the best return on marketing investment.

engine marketing utilizes the power of search engines’ traffic by creating
search engine ads that are shown to people who search for pre-defined terms
that are related to your business. Our expert team helps your business achieve
the best results and get the best return on marketing investment.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

the right audience at the right time for the right cost is what PPC is all
about and this is what we help you achieve.

per click marketing lets you only pay money when someone clicks on an ad that
you’ve placed. Without proper experience and genuine understanding of how it
works, lots of money will be spent in vain.

PPC marketing experts will make sure you best the best bang for your PPC
marketing bucks.

Social Media Marketing Management

the capabilities of social media marketing in reaching the right customers with
the right message at the right time.  

an ever-growing number of social media users and the ability to target specific
groups, social media marketing doesn’t only provide an amazing return on
investment, but also helps your business build a strong brand awareness and get
noticed by the right people.

Email Marketing

use email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads, sell your products and
help your business maintain existing clients.

marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of all digital marketing
channels. We handle all steps of your email marketing campaign from the initial
research to the optimization and analysis of your campaign. 

SMS Marketing

marketing campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time.

the staggering number of people who own a cellphone, the ability to reach
people wherever they are with the right message is one of the many perks of SMS

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

more visitors into leads. Our CRO services help your websites achieve better conversion

you have many people visiting your website and only a few taking the desired
action? This is where conversion rate optimization can help. By doing a
thorough analysis of your website, we can help your business turn more visitors
into buyers.

Content Creation and Marketing

give your brand a voice that builds customer relations with our content
creation and marketing services.

is still king. When your online presence gives visitors good content, they’ll
keep coming back for more and you’ll have an audience who want to hear what you
say and in the right time, want to buy what you sell.

Digital PR

help your brand win customers’ hearts and minds with the right digital PR

relations play a critical role in any successful digital marketing strategy. We
give your business the proper digital PR strategy that’ll make your digital
marketing efforts provide much better results.

Reputation Management

reputation is everything, especially online. We provide your business with
reputation management services that work in the digital world.

Numbers don’t lie. According to a recent study, 89% of people won’t do
business with a company that they’ve read a bad review about. If googling your
company’s name returns bad reviews, this can dramatically affect your business.

We help your business manage its reputation so your sales don’t take a
plunge and your brand name isn’t associated with the wrong things.

Influencer Marketing

use the help of influencers to grow your business reputation and build its

of mouth is still one of the best ways to build brand reputation, especially
when a social media influencer is saying those words. We identify the best
influencers who can help your brand build a strong reputation.

B2B Marketing

your products and services to other businesses that would be interested in what
you have to offer.

many industries, B2B marketing is the best way to find new clients. This is
especially true if you operate a business of no particular interest to average
consumers, like steel or cement.

Mobile App Marketing

app marketing is competitive. We help your business with the right mobile app
marketing campaign that makes it stand out from the crowd.

app marketing is used for showing ads in mobile apps that allow it. We market
your products, services or applications to a specific group of people by
targeting the apps they are most interested in.

Local Search Marketing

create local search marketing strategies that help your business be found by
more customers.

type of search engine marketing is designed specifically to get your local business
noticed by more clients and be found across the most important websites,
directories and search engines.


UI/UX Design

Good user experience and beautiful user interfaces can make or break
your online business. We help your business by creating engaging user
experiences and beautiful designs that keep your users coming back for more.

Web Design

appeal is essential for appealing to customers online. We create intuitive
websites that matches your brand identity and create user engagement.

design is concerned with all of the visual aspects of your website. This
includes everything from colors to images and fonts. After the design is
completed, the development team is ready to make it a functional website.

Mobile App Design

apps have great design. We design beautiful apps that appeal to your customers
and achieve your business objectives.

application fulfill many purposes, however, good design is something that all
successful apps share. Our app designers don’t just design apps that look good,
but also user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Software Interface Design

design beautiful software interfaces that your customers love to use.

good is a piece of software if people don’t know how to use? Being the thing
that your software users interact with frequently, a user-friendly and
intuitive software interface design can mean the difference between a piece of
software that people love to use and another one that nobody can stand.

Touch Screen UI Design

screens are everywhere. Our user interface designs that are tailored for
touchscreen screens make sure your clients get the best experience on any touch

screens are everywhere. From smart phones to GPS navigation interfaces, most
people use them one way or the other.

designing for touch screens, our team adheres to the best design and usability
practices to make your touch screen user interfaces as intuitive and
user-friendly as they can be.


Branding and Design

branding makes memorable brands. With so many brands out there, being memorable
and well-presented is something that definitely helps a lot.

Brand Identity Design

design brand identities that people fall in love with. By giving your brand a
unique and memorable identity, we help it stand out and leave a good impression.

brand identity is the way your brand is perceived. This includes things like
the colors your brand uses to things like how you differentiate yourself from
the competition and your brand voice.

Logo Design and Branding

logo and branding design are the face of your brand. We make that face a
beautiful and memorable one that serves your business goals.

First impressions last. When it
comes to brands, logos are usually that first impression. Our designers can
help your brand by creating catchy logos that represent your brand’s values and
matches the overall brand identity.

Print Graphic Design

isn’t dead, far from it. We design printed materials that deliver a strong,
memorable message.

design is any type of printed promotional materials. This includes things like
brochures, flyers, business cards, menus and even billboards. Our designers can
provide your business with print designs that deliver a strong message and
leave a lasting impression.

Video Production

delivers ideas like good videos. We produce videos that deliver your business
ideas, build engagement and increase sales.

says it like a good video. With many people preferring video to other types of
content, a good video is probably the best way to get your ideas through.

 Our video production team knows what makes a
good video and can help your company explain something, increase awareness or
even have something original and cool to share on social media to create lots
of engagement and give your online presence the attention and publicity it

Photo Shooting

picture speaks a thousand words. Our photo shooting services make sure your
products are best presented.

can make or break your online presence. Thanks to our professional photography
team, your brand and products will be represented in the best way possible. They
say that a picture speaks a thousand words, we make sure they are all good

Creative Motion Design

graphics explain ideas like nothing else. We create animations that explain
your ideas and products while creating rich visual experiences that your
clients love.

explains ideas better than good visuals? It’s animated good visuals. Our motion
designers create animations that communicate information and please viewers at
the same time.

Infographic Design

a picture speaks a thousand words, an infographic speaks a million. We design
infographics that help your business communicate ideas clearly and effectively.

good infographic can give information in a way that makes them stick. In most
cases, this is exactly what your brand or online business need to make a
lasting impression.

Packaging Design & Product Display

is your product’s personality. Good personalities help in making friends, which
is good for business.

team of packaging design experts provides your brand with creative packaging
design that helps your products stand out on stores’ shelves and online.  





Offline Marketing

good old-fashioned marketing is all your business needs. We handle all kinds of
offline marketing that your business might require to reach its goals.


Production (POSMs, Printed Materials, Stands, etc…)

printed materials to stands, we handle your offline promotional materials and
make sure your marketing efforts achieve the required results.

services are particularly useful in business events. Whether you’re attending a
business fair, setting up a temporary booth or distributing promotional
materials, we can handle the entire process from designing the materials to the
final printed product.


handle all types of events that your business might need. From seminars to
staff parties, we got you covered.

are plenty of details for creating successful events. When you leave it to our
events planning experts, you need to worry about none of those details.
Whatever the type of event that you have in mind, we make sure it achieves its
desired goals and adheres to the pre-determined budget. 

Incentive Trips

good incentive trip can work wonders in motivating your employees or clients.
We plan some unforgettable business trips that motivate and inspire.

Whatever the budget that you have for your incentive
trip, we will come up with ideas that will give you the best value for your
money and increase your employees’ team spirit and partners’ loyalty.

Offline PR

good public relations is essential for any successful business. We handle all
of your offline PR and help your business maintain the image it needs to

letting our team of PR experts handle your business’ PR, you relieve your
company of having to deal with all of those issues. On top of that, you’ll
maintain the image that your business needs to grow and attract more