Bunout research summary Essay

A qualitative method was used to recognize the causes and solution to decrease occupational stresses. This paper will include the background, methods, results, and ethical considerations of the study. Background of study Nurses commonly experience high levels of stress, which contributes to burnout. This causes negative impacts on the physical and psychological health of nurses. This also can cause nurses to function inadequately. There by causing a decreasing patient satisfaction.

There is not much research on reducing occupational stress.The purpose of this research duty was to identify and see the impact that mindfulness based stress reduction programs have on nurse stress and burnout. An initial step towards reducing occupational stress is to understand the stresses present in health-care environments and ways in which they may be reduced (Happen, Dwyer, Reid-Sears, Burke, Cooperation, Gaskin, 2013). Methods of study This research was conducted using a qualitative exploratory method because it was a smaller group.

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The research was conducted using six focus groups that consisted of 38 registered nurses.They worked at efferent level in the nursing hierarchy, from staff nurse to nursing director. The participants involved were asked to identify the sources that caused them stress in their work environment. They were also asked for their suggestions on ways to reduce stress. The researcher used TV’0 open ended questions to start off the discussion.

That lead to subsequent discussions that were swayed by the responses of participants. More information emerged when participants began telling stories relating to the issue of stress. This allowed researchers to better understand the process and gather unanticipated alliterative data.Results of study There were many different sources of occupational stress that were identified by the nurses. Sources of stress from the nurses were, heavy workloads, management that was not supportive, issues from human resources, poor staffing, no lounge area for nurses, car parking and this is just to name a few. Suggestions from the nurses for reduction of stress included, modification of the work load, having an area for nurses to go and relax when on break , music, massage therapy, making sure nurses get their breaks and acknowledgement from management showing gratitude for their hard work.

It is important to have additional research in this area in a broader range to go more in-depth. The literature has been much more effective in emphasizing the problems than in identifying the solutions, and to avoid this cycle continuing a greater focus must be placed on moving from discussion to action (Happen, Dwyer, Reid-Sears, Burke, Cooperation, Gaskin, 2013). Ethical considerations Human research ethics committees of the Health Service District within the hospital and from the University that was responsible for this project gave ethical approval.The participants involved gave consent; they also received information from the authors of the study telling them about the purpose as well as the voluntary and confidential nature of the study and there right to drop out at any time during the study.

The study was led in accordance with the requirements of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. Conclusion Qualitative methods are used to comprehensively analyze the data received. Using the qualitative method of research limits the extent to which these findings may be generalized to broader SETI nags.

The findings of the current study suggest that, given opportunities, nurses are able to identify strategies that would create more positive working environments (Happens, Dwyer, Reid-Sears, Burke, Cooperation, Gaskin,2013). The study has helped more in identifying the sources of occupational stress than finding a solution to resolve such a problem. The more nurses are involved in helping resolve these problems the better the outcome will be. Nurses in leadership positions can use such research findings to better manage and enhance the working environment.

Nurses feel they would benefit from using techniques to help the relax when t work.